BeatDrops App Help

BeatDrops App Help


Free Drag and Drop Music Creation App


BeatDrops User Interface

Help, Tips and more

You can also watch the video tutorials and demonstrations for help with certain features.

Basic Usage:

  • Install app
  • On login screen press Guest
  • Select Sample Category such as Drum or Chords
  • Press left or right arrow buttons labelled Sample to cycle through all your sample packs
  • Press any sample to preview it
  • Drag any sample on to the sequencer to add it
  • Reposition any sample on the sequencer by dragging it
  • Press Play

Info On Menu Functions:


File Menu:
New –
Deletes all project data from memory and sets up a new blank project

Load – Load a saved project from your device

Save – Saves the current project.  If a new project you will be asked for a new name to save as, if the file already exists you will be asked to confirm to overwrite it

Delete – You can delete any saved project.  Press Delete then select the project to delete

Prefs – Opens a list from where you can select different preferences.
Set Beat BPM – You can press left / right or enter a new value for the projects BPM.  Or select a pre defined BPM such as Hip Hop
Auto Rewind Off –
If On whenever the project stops playing it rewind back to the start automatically
Auto Save –
If set as zero it is off.  Or select a time in minutes after which the project will auto save in the background.  The file must be manually saved atleast once.
Beat Speed –
This allows you to control the length of the page.  For example if set as normal with BPM of 90BPM each page will last 5.33seconds if set as Double each page will last 2.67seconds i.e twice as fast.  This can be used to ‘fit’ more beats/notes into each bar.  For example at double speed you can fit in twice as many samples in the same time.
Loop Fine Tune –
Some times a page/project can loop back to the start too fast or too slow, this is most likely due to cpu overloading, too many background apps in your phone etc..  for example a hip hop drum loop sample is 5.33seconds long, but you might get a gap in the sample when looping the page.  So you can use this feature to fine tune the loop so that there is no gap.  To get the perfect loop playback compare the Set and Actual Page Lengths and make them equal by adjusting the value.
Program Speed –
Program Speed controls the overall speed of BeatDrops.  Normally you dont have to change this.  If you experience issues with performance try to increase the value.  If you find that BeatDrops uses up too much of your devices resources like cpu then decrease the value.
Switch On Vibrations –
You can toggle vibrations on/off with this.  Vibrations occur on pressing a menu button, or when a drum sample is played on the sequencer.

Help – This opens the Help website for BeatDrops on your default web browser.

More – Access more features here like checking out the version number, official website, video tutorials website, change your existing password and Update User From Server (Use this if you do a new install on a new device with the same Google Account and you can retrieve your account along with purchased items such as Save/Edit)

Pages Menu:
Add appends one new page to end of the project.
Delete deletes the last page
Copy the current page to memory
Paste page in memory to the current page


Edit Menu:

Song Menu:

Store Menu:

You can toggle looping of the whole song, just the current page or turn it off.

Pressing the Hide/Show button toggles the visibility of the Samples and Category buttons.  When hidden you can access more of the tracks on screen if you need to rearrange samples on the sequencer.

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