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I am a UK based seller working in IT for over 5 years.

I am a Level 5 trusted seller on Peopleperhour with 100% positive feedback score with 120+ sales.

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 The best combo promotion offer for your Android app – CPA Installs!

Offer you upto 1000 Real CPA Android app installs


We offer several top offers for real Android app installs which are paid cost per install (CPI).  With this latest service you get the same high quality app installs cut now on a CPA basis.  This is “Cost Per Action”.  This means you pay only when a specific user set action has been completed by our app users.  This action can be something like user has to complete level 1 of you game, open the app once or signup to your service, or just create a profile.  To check if action has been completed you app will need integration of tracking SDk, either ours of the popular Appsflyer.  So this is a great offer fo you if for example you are promoting a social app where you need real users to join your app and increase your members.  Note though apart from the installs and actions set there is no further commitment placed on our mobile app users.  Buy today or email me [email protected] for a discounted direct purchase price.


100 Android App installs, 20 5 star ratings and 20 comments from real users

real android mobile installs, reviews and ratings

Boost your new app ranking and get more free organic installs from search results.  Give your app a good early boost it needs.  Ratings and reviews from real users and unique devices from around the world.  The app installs are soft incentivized and from worldwide userbase.  Buy today!

Boost your Youtube video stats by 3000 HR Non Drop Real Views

Boost your Youtube video stats by 3000 HR Non Drop Real Views

These are real worldwide Youtube views and are high retention.  Delivered within 5 days.  Your payment is protected by Escrow so pay when the job is completed satisfactorily.  This service will help get your video noticed and ranked higher!  These are safe and non drop.  We always over deliver.  Buy from a trusted Level 5 UK based PeoplePerHour Seller.

Send you 20000 traffic hits to your site from real visitors with 10s retention

Marketing services on peopleperhour,com

Our most popular service with over 100 hourlies sold! 

We will send you 20,000 real non-bot traffic from worldwide users who will view your website for 10 seconds gauranteed!

This is adsense safe but we cant gaurantee this – best to buy 1 service and check your adsense stats to see if tracked as valid traffic.

You can choose the source of traffic from popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.  We also source from Bidvertiser and Pinterest.

Your 20K traffic will be delivered within 5 days gauranteed.  However we can also spread your traffic over 30 days – monthly ongoing packages tailored for your website growth.

Buy from a Trusted Level 5 Seller based in UK

100% positive feedback score and reviews!

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Manually promote your App to 15 popular Android promotion Groups and 200K users

Manually promote your App to 15 popular Android promotion Groups and 200K users

All 15 posts made to popular Facebook groups.  Includes one image.  Lets get your app the exposure it deserves for just £15!  These are active forums with thousands of members each.  Yes if your app is good you can expect interaction – free likes and shares on top!


Boost your iOS iPhone app ranking by giving 1000 real installs and guaranteed opens

Boost your iOS iPhone app ranking by giving 1000 real installs and guaranteed opens

Brand new service gives you 1000 real iOS app installs worldwide within 5 days!  We have several happy sellers who will testify to the quality and reliability of this installs service.  We can also provide GEO targetted traffic from any country for a little extra.  Our installs are from REAL people and not bots or automated services.

We also provide bulk installs packages of 5K, 10K and 30K please ask for discounted prices!

Get upto 2500 real GEO targetted traffic to your website

Buy 2500 Real GEO Targetted Traffic adn Visitors to your website

Brand new service gives you real visitors to your website from any targetted location in the world >80% from your chosen country.  All visits from non-bot real human visitors.

Post your ad as a Blog Article, optimise it and promote it to thousands of people

Blog Article Service and Promotion

I get 500-3000 visits to my blog per day, I will post your ad as an article and you will get seen and get real trafic from this.  Also you are getting backlink(s) on my blog.  We will then send email out to our 250+ subscribers so they can read about you.

 Send you 60000 traffic hits to your site from real visitors with 10s retention

UK Freelancer traffic services

Read this article on why you should maintain your traffic levels


Get 100 real people to install, open and keep your app for 3 days

100 cheap android app install buy on peopleperhour.com

100 Real Android App Installs

Worldwide Users

Gauranteed App opens!
Your App kept on users mobile for minimum 3 days – this means the install will be classed as a high retention install and will rank better


Boost Your Website By Supplying 600 Forum & Social Networks Backlinks

Buy backlinks for your website 10% off

The more backlinks your website has the better it looks to searcg engines and ranking sites like Alexa.  Forums are an excellent place to place links to your sites.  The reason is everyone uses forums now and they are very popular high PR websites.  You can also get clicks from people viewing the forum post (so free traffic!).  Social Networks are PR9 to PR10 and so your backlinks on there will really boost your website ranking scores.

Blast your ad to 1800+ emails, 19000+ Twitter Followers & 20K + Facebook Fans

Marketing services on peopleperhour,com

Many sold with 100% feedback!

Why stick to email marketing?  Why pay for a single Tweet? Does your Facebook post not get viewed?

Use my super Ad Blast service to get exposure for your new online shop, mobile app, website, service or music profile!

I will send your plain email text ad (with max two links) to 1800+ opted in newsletter members gathered via mobile apps and games, aswell as our many websites.

I have 19K+ Twitter followers, many have over 50K followers each.  I am followed by several top verified name accounts, rappers, music websites, bloggers, tech sites and people interested in anything IT related.  I will post ONE tweet to them at the best time to get exposure.  I will also favourite this for free.

I will then post ONE facebook post with ONE link and ONE image to several Facebook pages I either manage or have editor priviledges.  These pages have thousands of real fans who are active.  Good posts will get engagements, like, shares etc.. but no gaurantees given.  For example The Flash Reviews Page/

For my pages I have invested in buying Likes directly from Facebook ads and so are 100% genuine real facebook users.

We recommend buying this hourly once a week if you are promoting a new site or service – As it significantly increases the exposure and more likely to get conversions.  Persistence pays off as they say!

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Get real 3000 Twitter followers or 500 Facebook page likes.

Marketing services on peopleperhour,com


Give you 300 HQ EDU backlinks to boost your Page Rank

Marketing services on peopleperhour,com


Give developers and marketers 82 proven ways to promote your android apps

Marketing services on peopleperhour,com

When you publish your mobile app or game there is a big chance it will just get ignored!

Majority of new apps are released and then just left there.  Developers expect there game to do really well as they think its a good new idea.

Breaking News:  This will not happen and your app will not make millions if you do no MARKET it properly!

You do not have to spend thousands on promoting your app (though it would help)….  Using our compilation of the best top app marketing tips you can make sure your new app/game gets noticed, exposed and gets people installing them.  With 82 techniques to propel your app up in rankings you are sure to succeed.

It can take time to build a following for you mobile apps.  The important thing is repeated exposure.  Making sure your app description is optimized and you use right keywords.  Also your app needs to have something to users interested – this means they will keep your app and keep using it – leading to a higher retention rate.  If you want HR app installs we can also provide this – Please ask for prices.  Email [email protected]


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