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The Flash S1E14 Review: "Fallout" (TeeVee 49)

“Fallout” picks up where we left off, with The Flash and Dr. Snow trying to outrun a nuclear blast spitting out the Firestorm. After homecomings, Iris begins digging up the dirt on S.T.A.R. Labs. Join us on this exciting episode. Host Lisa Schmeiser with Tony Sindelar and Philip Mozolak … Read more

The Legend of Tarzan Official Trailer 2016

The Legend of Tarzan Official Trailer 2016 Check out some awesome new #trailers for 2016 onwards in the categories we like action, sci-fi and horror! Click here to View on YouTube Number of Views: 283260 Like the trailer or seen the movie? Leave your rating below! If you are … Read more


Posted by www.metaphoricalplatypus.com on 2014-12-11 18:10:42 Tagged: , kitten , cat , siamese , animal , cute If you are looking for some of the best viral and trending videos on the internet right now head over to Top 10 viral website Read more

The Flash S1E15 Review: "Out of Time" (TeeVee 52)

Barry now holds the future under his feet. Join us as we recap this finale-like episode. Lisa, Tony and Moze discuss the details and speculate on how time travel will change everything we know. To subscribe to all our Flash-related content, check out feeds.theincomparable.com/flash. Host Lisa Schmeiser with Tony … Read more

The Flash S1E16 Review: "Rogue Time" (TeeVee 54)

Mirrors and mirages show just how fragile time can be in this episode. Barry decides to make a few tweaks to his timeline against the better wishes of his Doctor. Alternate futures also mean alternate guests, as Moze is mysteriously missing, while Arrowcast host Dan finds himself in the … Read more
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