Terms of Service & Account Deletion:

Please read and accept the terms of service detailed below for the following app:
App Name: BeatDrops Beat Maker
App Website: See here
Developer: RizbIT

1 – Accepting BeatDrops Terms of Service Agreement:
By creating a new account on BeatDrops Beat Maker or using the BeatDrops app on any device (such as Android or iOS) you agree to be bound by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of these please do not sign up to BeatDrops or you can contact us to discuss any concerns you may have. We may from time to time make changes to these documents and it is upto you to frequent these to make sure you agree with them. If any significant changes are made we will notify you by email.

2 – Who can use the app:
To use BeatDrops to must be over the minimum age stated on the platform/store you download it from. Users who agree with our terms of service. Please make sure that using the app in your country or location does not infringe or break any of the laws in effect there. Users who have usernames that are appropriate and not offensive in anyway, for example must not contain any swear or explicit words.

3 – Your Account:
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords and login details. To help you we do not store your password on the server. So only you know it. We also help by censoring the password on the app login screen.

4 – Beat / Project Submission Terms:
By submitting and uploading your beat / project to our app / service you agree that you are the owner or have permission from the owner to submit it. You also agree that the content of your beat / project is not offensive or adult in nature. You agree that we may show your beat / project, beat / project URL and name to any user we choose via the apps Browse feature. You agree that we may remove your beat / project without notice for any reason we choose if we deem it necessary, for example it may be causing hang ups or be reported, be spammy or have bad quality content. You also agree that other users can download, play, modify, reshare and record your submitted beat / project. You agree that we can publically play recordings of your beat for any purpose we choose for example to promote the app online.

Also your uploaded project must NOT:

  1. Contain links to images / sites that depict sexual acts of any kind or sexually suggestive poses.
  2. Contain or link to content that encourages terrorism or has content on violent activities such as bomb making or weapon making.
  3. Promote any form of self harm or harm to others.
  4. Endorse or promote racism or discrimination towards any groups based on gender, religion, ethnic origin or age.
  5. Link to any third party software, virus or malware in the background.
  6. Contain any samples or vocals that you do not have owners permission to distribute
  7. Be copyright protected by someone other than yourself
  8. Be made by another user, unless being reshared
  9. Be submitted by anyone other than the logged in user
  10. Contain any explicit vocals, vocals and lyrics must be suitable for a general audience!

By uploading a new project and any associated project samples you agree that we / Rizbit will not be responsible or liable in anyway in regards to IP infringement, loss or damage in relation to any third party / IP owners. We simply provide the means to share and browse user projects however we will monitor submitted content frequently and look at any user reports. We will take action to remove any infringing content without notification or notice to any user(s) involved.

5 – Recording Beats:
In BeatDrops you can record your projects as mp3 or Ringtones (if available on the platform you are using it on). You are free to record any project for personal use only unless ALL the samples you have used in the project are from BeatDrops Sample Packs, are public domain, are your own original samples / loops or you have the appropriate licence(s) or proper permission(s) to use those for non-personal use such as selling the beat you made or using it for commercial purposes. This also applies to Ringtones you make using BeatDrops. You can share the Ringtone with others or even sell them as long they do not contain copyrighted smaples / loops.

6 – Social Sharing Projects:
All the above points also apply to content you share via the social sharing widgets. You agree that we can add a link to BeatDrops app when sharing. You agree and acknowledgde that sharing your project info via SMS will use up your mobile contracts / sims SMS allowance. When sharing an image via social widgets you agree to let us take a screenshot of your app which will be uploaded to the social site or service you select to share via.

7 – Rate and Report Projects:
After you download a shared project you can press the Star button to rate the project. This rating should be honest and not biased in anyway. Please do not ask others to rate your project to gain unfair advantage otherwise you will be banned. Once you have made a rating it cannot be retracted or changed. If you come across any project or user that is breaching our terms of service then press the report button on the Browse section and select a reason. When you report a project you agree to send us your name and the relevant project author and name. We will look into the report and remove the beat and if the author repeatedly submits non compliant content they will be banned for life.

8 – Publishing or Selling Your Work:
Any beats, loops, ringtones or songs you make with BeatDrops can be distributed, sold, or shared online as long they are your own original compositions. Please note you may NOT distribute or sell or share any samples included in the app (or samples packs) in their original form even if you re-record them. We supply loops which may be used by thousands of users thus it is upto you to decide and check whether the completed project is substantially “unique”. Do not sell simple beats you make using just loops that we supply as they may then sound too similar to work by other users. Just to save any conflicts…try and be original, add your own samples, create new compositions from Instrumental Notes that some Sample Packs have.

9 – Account Deletion:

When you sign up, personal data will transmitted from your device to our server and then stored on our server as stated in the privacy policy.

If you no longer want to use Beatdrops app you can have your data deleted from our server. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Delete Account – You can delete your full account from within the app. To do this navigate to File Menu > More… > Delete My Account
  2. Contact Us – You can send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Remove BeatDrops Account” and in the body of the email include your username and email you used when you signed up. We will email you back to confirm deletion of your BeatDrops account.

If you only wish to delete or alter certain personal information such as your account email address or a beat you uploaded. You can send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Data Removal Request” and let us know what you want to delete / modify. Dont forget to include the username and email you used when you signed up

When your account is deleted all personal data such as email, password and upgrades will be deleted from our server database. All your beats will also be deleted. All deletion is permanent and can not be recovered at a later date.

10 – Abuse:

We have a zero-tolerance policy if we become aware of beats / projects with links to illegal content, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and remove your account. We also take action against anyone found to be abusing this service in any way to gain advantages.

11 – Sample Copyrights:

We do our very best to make sure samples included are public domain or we have the proper distribution licences however, if you think any of our samples have mistakenly been used without your permission or violates your copyright then contact us and we will strive to remove them immediately. In such cases we will make a decision based on supporting proofs you supply us with.

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