Douche Bag To DushMan

Douche Bag To DushMan


When an entire lifes worth of pain hits you at once..

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Danny Dushkar


Delhi City


DushMan has the ability to simply disintegrate anything including people using a raged punch.  He later on is able to do the same using other styles of hit including head butts, kick and flicks.  Further experimentation leads to further progressions and advancement of his powers.  He can strike the air itself to cause controlled suction of the air around him.  He can strike reality itself around him to enable him to create portals in and out of reality.  He learns where all the disintegrated matter goes, its the reverse side of reality itself.  He ultimately becomes a master of both worlds able to transfer between them however the energy required to do this can only be generated by his Doosh.

Episode 1 – Douche Bag To DushMan

Danny Dushkar was a top of the class student back in Delhi City, India.  He was always a bit shy and withdrawn, not really socialising much with the other kids, but the teachers had noticed his hard work and academic prowess.  After completing his high school exams reaching the highest mark of his year, the president of the school and several teachers convinced his parents to apply for a place in a college in USA for further education.  After making several applications to top schools they were unsuccessful due to financial and other situations.  They finally decided to seek help from relatives who had been living in Central City for several years.  The cousins made an application in a local college for Danny and he was accepted.  Danny was quite sad and frightened but was reassured that his cousins would look out for him and he wouldn’t be alone.

He started college but things did not go smoothly.  Staying with his cousins caused problems and tensions at their house and he did not feel he fitted in.  He was able to find a job at a local take away, a quite easy unskilled job but was enough to allow him to rent out his own place.  Here he finally felt a bit of peace and settled down.

On the college side however things were getting much worse.  He met one of the colleges girls who was very pretty and popular, she felt sorry for him and was friendly to him.  The relationship however led Danny to believe there was more than just friendship.  He was soon put straight after a let down when she made it clear she did not like him that way.  The two never spoke again.  The word got out and soon he was being mocked and jeered by several other students.  A group of students known for bullying and harassing others heard about this and decided to jump on the bandwagon.  They followed him around, mocked him and it got to the stage where he was being physically pushed around and hit.  He was given a nickname Danny DouchBag and everyone called him this or just DouchBag except the teachers and a few sympathetic students.

Danny however was not the violent type,although he was angered alot by events he was too scared to take anyone on especially the group of thugs who were on his case.  He was getting really upset and angered and he spent most of his spare time in solitude trying to cope with the abuse.  No one seemed to understand him.

One day on the way out from the college he got tripped over by one the thugs, he fell down and they all laughed “next time to think of falling in love, remember falling in the mud…”.  It was raining and it was wet and he was soaked in wet mud.  He turned round and in anger managed to stare back at the thug.  “Oh my god! He’s giving me the dirties”.  The guys all advanced towards Danny and pushed him around.  Danny decided this was enough he had to fight back even if a little.  He looked at the guys in anger and was about to raise his arm to push them back when one of them pulled a knife out.  “I think its time we showed him why we’re really feared around here..”  Danny was shocked and frightened, this he couldn’t deal with, he slowly lowered his arms, quickly turned around then made a run for it.  The gave him chase, chucking stones, few which hit Danny.  But Danny was a fast runner and had learned his way round the back streets and soon he lost them.  Panting and in pain he slowed down and was walking down a back street.  He started thinking about the girl he fancied which had led to all his problems and the bullying.  He thought about the thugs and the rage built up inside him.

Meanwhile at Star Labs Harrison Wells had started the particle accelerator but the experiment did not go to plan and there was a big explosion, the same one that gave Barry Allen his powers as The Flash.  As the effects of the blast were spreading out they reached the back street where Danny was.  It wasnt too far and was aligned in such a way that the flow of energy was heading directly towards Danny without obstruction.  Danny nearly tripped over a fallen plank of wood as he was drunk with rage and not looking down.  He propped himself back up and by grabbing a door handle on the side.  But the door was not locked or closed and swung open, he slipped again and the door hit his head.  In anger he got up punched the door as hard as he could and let out a roar.  At the same point the wave of dark energy released by the particle accelerator hit Danny and he fell unconscious.

He woke up with mud in mouth.  Spitting it out he came around and got back up. He pushed the door close.  The door swung open again.  “Oh for f**ks Sake” he shouted and in rage he punched the door.  It slammed shut and he walked off.  Strangely he did not seem to have hurt himself by punching the metal door, maybe because of the anger.  As he walked off the door behind him started creaking and moving.  The area where he punched it slowly started getting dark wrinkles, then slowly these expanded and a huge hole presents itself in the door.

The next day Danny goes to college upset.  During the lunch break Danny walks on his own back to the take away where he works so he can get his discounted meal.  But what he doesnt see is the thugs following him.  Danny buys his food and heads back while eating.   They reach a park area and the thugs decide to circle him.  “That looks nice but you shouldnt eat too much fatty food, DouchBag”.  One of them then kicks the food out of Danny’s hands.  Another one angry at Danny looking at him pushes him to the ground forcefully.  They pick up the food and throw it to the birds.  Danny gets up and swears at them.. “What the F**k”.  They laugh and jeer him and surprised at him swearing.  The leader of the thugs approaches Danny and challenges him.  “looks like you grown some balls, why dont we test them out” and he puts his fists up ready for a fight.  Danny steps back as this other guy towers over him.  The thug throws a punch and it lands directly on Danny’s left cheek, sending him flying.  Danny on the floor in pain gets laugh at.  He looks at them… “looks like youre a one hit wonder… woman, DouchBag”  “isnt that insulting Wonder Woman” “atleast Wonder Woman would hit back, he is worse than a girl” they carry on jeering and laughing.  This time Danny is getting angry watching them and gets up in rage.  He runs towards the thug who punched who is still laughing and now taunting Danny.  Danny lets out a Roar and lunges toward him.  Dooooosh!   They hear a noise that seems to baffle them all, and freezes them, they just stare.  The thug is knocked out on the floor and Danny is panting and staring at him in rage.  The thug regains consciousness fairly quickly and angrily looks at Danny.  “You f**cker just caught me off guard, but im gonna sort you good now”.  The thug stand up.  There’s a cracking noise of bone.  The thug grabs his left jaw and moans.  He then groans and yells in pain and falls to his knees.  His whole face starts to disintegrate and everyone stares in horror as his screams become no longer audible.  As his whole head disintegrates his body collapses and the disintegration continues until nothing is left of him.  Danny now relaxed a bit more is shocked himself at what has just happened and runs off home.  The other thugs look at each other and back away, then run back to the college.

At home Danny is in tears and in fear about what he has done.  The thugs having gone to the teachers tell them what happened but no one seems to believe them.  They go to the police who decide the only thing are willing to do is file a missing persons report and they start a search for the missing thug.  Searching at the fight scene they find some evidence that links back to Danny being present there, they decide to go to his flat to ask him why he was there and if he knew anything.  Danny in fear after hearing the police outside grabs his most important belongings and makes a dash out the back.  With nowhere else to go he decides to head back to his cousins house.

At his cousins house there daughter similar age to Danny has come back home from overseas for holiday and she likes Danny.  She makes Danny feel more welcome and they spend time talking.  Danny still however has many worries on his mind and sitting on his own he becomes agitated as to why the police were looking for him.  The only thing he could think of was that the other thugs had told the police.  He decides in frustration that he has to silence them, knowing what he had just done he did not feel as scare to approach the thugs.  He finds them around the corner of the cinema smoking.  Its quite and raining.  Danny corners them and asks them if they told the police.  “F**k yeah we did and you ass is going to jail”  Danny gets angry and pushes him to the wall.  “You f**cking DouchBag”  They push Danny back and Danny takes a swing at two of them.  He punches them and they punch back..  Danny is confused and now scared as his punch did not do anything.  “Whats wrong Douchbag, you lost your strength, your freak” they push Danny to the ground and taunt him calling him Douchbag and Freak.  Danny gets rages, gets up  and shouts “Im not a DouchBag” he punches one thug straight on the nose and blood flies everywhere. Dooooosh!  “Im not a Douch… Im your Dushman…IM DUSHMAN” in his rage he then beats up the other two thugs who collapse to the ground.  Danny watches as they all disintegrate.  One of them grabs Danny’s arms and screams for help “Im sorry man, please stop it, helpppp.” But Danny grabs his arm which now has nothing else attached to it and throws it to the side where it disappears.

He now feels he has got rid of anyone who knows about his ‘powers’ or can get him into trouble so is more relaxed.  He also feels he has got revenge and that God has given him these powers to get revenge and help himself.   but it doesnt end there, the police on the hunt for all the missing thugs manage to locate Danny (who has been off college for several days).  But the female cousin Danny met tips him off as she overhears the police asking about Danny on the street.  So again Danny makes a run for it..

Now a fugitive or as he now believes he is, he has no options of where to go and ends up sleeping rough.  One day he meets up with Maya and tells her a story about why the police are looking for him, he does not tell her about his powers.  She sympathises with him and tells him he should go stay with one of her friends who live out of town.  She gives him some money and a mobile and send him out of town to a remote suburb where one of her friends, a guy called Tony lives.

Once there Tony and Danny get to know each other really well and eventually Danny tells Tony about what he can do.  But he doesnt tell him about the thugs.  That is something he decides to keep secret.  Tony tells Danny he is a black belt in martial arts and thinks it something to do with Chi.  They train together but can not use Danny’s powers.  But one day they realise its his rage that triggers and charges his power, they call it a Dooosh.  It leads Danny, via training and meditation to use his Dooosh with controlled rage.  He learns to quickly build up rage by thinking and focusing, one particular memory he uses is the girl he fancied at college.  He learns not to break bricks with a hand chop but to totally disintegrate them with one swipe down.  Via martial arts training he learns to control and channel his anger into powerful Doooshs.

Thus is the beginning of Dushman.

Look out for the next episode..

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