Professor Charles Xavier Versus Matt Parkman

Professor Charles Xavier Versus Matt Parkman

Professor Xavier V Matt Parkman

Professor Xavier Versus Matt Parkman


Ok Matt Parkman from Heroes TV Show has now turned bad guy in Heroes Reborn and is having a big psychic battle showdown with Professor Charles Xavier from X-Men.

Who would win?

Things to help you decide:

  • Matt develops and learns to use his new powers while in adulthood.
  • Charles learns about his powers at a much younger age and has had longer time to develop them.
  • Matt has a sasdistic /  evil side and wouldnt hesitate to kill
  • Charles is more of a pacifist character and would much rather reform then kill his enemies.
  • Charles can also project mind ‘bolts’ composed of psychic energy, enabling him to stun the mind of another person into unconsciousness, inflict mental trauma, or even cause death…Matt cant.
  • Matt can effect more stronger and lasting mind / personality / perception alteration.

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