What is Virtual reality and augmented reality?

What is Virtual reality and augmented reality?

Virtual reality and augmented reality:

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Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR):

The purpose of the virtual reality products is to create a stimulated environment for the human beings, it is an advanced technology in the computer technology. It is not like the traditional interface of the users, The VR technology gives the opportunity to the viewer to get an inside experience. The VR technology allows the viewer to have an experience in which they do not have to view the screen but instead they can go into the 3D world. It facilitates the viewer in many ways like it helps stimulating in as many senses as possible to make it look like reality, such as the hearing, touch, vision and even smell. It is an artificial world where the computer is the gate way.

What is the main difference between the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

The two of the technologies are basically two sides of a coin, you can connect the augmented technology with the vitrual reality in the real world. Basically the augmented reality application helps in simulating the artificial objects in the real world or environment while on the other hand the Virtual reality applications are helping in the artificial world and is creating an artificial environment to the inhabit.

What is Augmented Reality?

In the technology of the augment reality the computers tends to use the algorithms and the sensors in order to determine the orientation and the position of the camera, which helps in the super imposing the computer generated images in the real world upon the user’s view.

In the world of Virtual reality the computer system tends to use the similar type of sensors that are used by the augmented reality, and the same mathematics too. But he difference is that rather than locating a real camera, the position of the user’s eyes are located within the simulated environment. In case the head of the user is turned into another direction then the graphics do react in the same manner and accordingly. Instead of the compositing virtual objects and as in a real scene, the Virtual Reality technology creates a very interactive and convincing world for the user.

Mobile Augmented Reality Game Links:

Most common and major player in the Virtual reality:

It is not work to say that the largest silhouette in the industry of VR horizon is cast by the Oculus VR that belongs to the makers of the Oculus Rift headsets. In the year of 2012 the Kickstarter project was originally funded and then further engineered with the assistance of John Carmack who is known as the founder of the Id Software and of Quack fame and Doom. This organization became the de facto leader of the technology of the VR for the purpose of the video games. Soon after when Facebook purchased the Oculus in the year of 2014 the social experiences via virtual reality did become the additional priority for the organization. Another releases took place in the year of 2016 as well. There are few others on the top list like the Microsoft HoloLens, The Vive by Valve, and the Sony’s project Mopheous.

Virtual reality treadmills

We are use to seeing people standing or usually sitting down with their VR headsets playing their favourite virtual reality games. But there are ways to become more immersive in the VR game. Virtual reality treadmills allow further immersion and enhanced experience. There are several VR treadmills on the market such as those provided by Omni and KatWalk. So when you walk on the treadmill you walk in the game or VR application. Players can run, walk forward / backward, squat, lunge and lean as they play games like PAYDAY 2 VR, Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR.

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