Flash 6 – The Dagger and other Bloopers

Flash 6 – The Dagger and other Bloopers

Ok so if they destroy cicada’s dagger in the past, in the future the dagger never exists right, so then the dagger could never have been used to dampen Reverse Flashes powers right, so then Reverse Flash would never have been in prison, he would never have met Nora, he would never have been able to send Nora back in time, but she didn’t go back in time then the dagger would never have been destroyed hence cancelling out the changes and its still the same…
Oh you say well he created an alternate timeline….
But if he…then why is he still in the same prison with the same guards when the dagger is destroyed….
In the new timeline the dagger doesn’t exist…so he would never have been there in the first place, but in Flash, the daggers disappears and RF just carries on from the same point in time…just without the dagger.
But if the dagger didn’t exist and they caught RF then they would have just found another way to keep him captive and even in the new timeline he would still be a prisoner but in this one he would be executed as planned as the dagger disappearing wouldn’t affect things. They don’t think these things through or just low IQ of writers.

If changing things in the past creates new timelines then Nora could have gone back and changed so many things.

How easily does Nora turn to the dark side of the speedforce?

When Nora gets angry she strops like a frustrated naive teenager who hasnt got the toy she wanted.

Why does Reverse Flash look like harrison wells I though that Eobard was not Harrison and that was just a mask of some kind.

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