Submit Your App to App Review Sites

Submit Your App to App Review Sites

Submit Your App to App Review Sites

submit android app to app review sites
If you want your app to get noticed it is essential that your app gets featured or reviewed by the top Android app reviews websites!  This might happen by chance if your app is viral or the editor comes across your app and likes it.  But in most cases you will need to manually submit your app to the website likes AndroidTapp and AppsZoom.

There are hundreds of review sites and its in your interest to submit your app to ALL of these well as many as you can.  In mosts cases you can email them, easy, but for most of them you have to fill in the submission form on their website, as they want specific information.

Why not save time and let us do the hard work.  We have experience in app submission services so we know which review sites are the best ones to submit your app too.  It depends on your app is it a game or app.

We will use our experience and knowledge to use the information you provide to build a great little pitch and submit your app to over 100 app review websites.  They will check out your app and get back to you if they are interested.  Please note that we just submit your app and we can not guarantee any success or reviews.  Some of the sites we submit may request an additional payment to expediate or feature your app on the front page.  Its upto you if you want to pay this.

For good apps we always get a good result with several sites taking up the app and reviewing it.

Before you submit your app to us please make sure it is complete, upto date, policy compliant and the store listing is optimized!

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