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Gotham Season 5 Netflix – Batman Arrives

Gotham Season 5 In this latest season of Gotham thats carries on where Season 4 left off is all about Gotham recovering from the blowing up of the main bridge and other buildings by ‘Joker’. But the whole season is kinda weird, i didnt get the whole thing about Gotham … Read more

Netflix The 100 season 5 and 6

I was a fan of The 100 when it first came out.  It had a nice storyline about survival, nice range of characters and it was sci-fi.  I stopped watching it at season 3 as it was turning a bit too ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and seemed to drag on, there was still … Read more

Does ignoring the bully make him go away?

If you ignore the bully does he really go away? Superman or The Flash are not coming to save you! It depends on what the bully thinks. If he is bullying someone and still manages to get something out of it (from his point of view) even if being ignored … Read more

Arrow’s Felicity Smoak is Smoaking Hot

Arrow’s Felicity Smoak is Smoaking Hot Felicity Smoak (played by Emily Bett Rickards) is a regular character in almost every episode of Arrow from Season 1 onwards.  We see her mostly in the lab, usually under a lot of pressure to find a solution to a new problem or locate a … Read more

The Android Tech Took All Our Jobs

There is population increasing. Life span is increasing. More people on the planet living longer. Jobs are hard to find for most people. People have to leave their countries to find work, travel hours to get to work…   Technology is meant to help us and make life easier….   … Read more

Car broken! But can you fix it yourself?

Has your car broken down? We know cars can be problematic.  This breaks you fix it then that breaks.  Then the tyres go bold. But most of us especially due to not having time off work have no option but to go to a garage who can then charge you … Read more
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