I asked AI to generate a video showing heaven.. the last one is bizarre

I asked AI to generate a video showing heaven.. the last one is bizarre

AI generated video

So I asked AI to make a video showing heaven. I kept the prompt simple because my first few attempts did not go too well. First I asked for a depiction of heaven from an islamic perspective however these gave images that did not really make sense unless AI computes heaven to look like this:

So yes first I was testing out prompts on AI image generations to see what it was going to generate. So I decided to keep it vague and simple and asked for a video showing heaven with a man and woman.

I was impressed with the first AI video of heaven, it shows a sort of seating area with a shelter made of grass, a nice shape and a sun shining in the background it looks warm and peaceful, somewhere you could put your feet up and relax, not bad.

The second video again has a similar atmosphere but this time it shows greenery like a tree and a sculpted bush with a man and a woman. Its looks good, peaceful again and with humans. But it gets a bit strange as the woman walks behind the tree and then some kind of spirit or creature is seen running away from the tree lol…

The last AI generated video of heaven was confusing, weird and not something you would imagine. Not really sure what it is meant to be showing but it has some people laying on the grass surrounded by what look like priests. I thought I would leave it at this, to preserve my credits but to also stop before the videos got more weird..

AI generated video showing heaven

AI generated video showing what hell looks like

This post and video was made in response to another AI generated video I saw on X (Twitter) which shows what hell looks like…. You can see that video below, but be warned it is a bit creepy:

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