Dawn Of The Scales Free App

Dawn Of The Scales Free App

Dawn Of The Scales app


Dawn Of The Scales app is a free app available on iPhone and Android. The app is an educational informational app which will help you to learn more about weighing balances and scales. Learn about the different type of scales used by humans over hundreds of years, who made them, how they work and when they were invented.

Scales are used to weight things like coins, food, people, and objects for trade, business, cooking, health management to name but a few things.

In recent times with the advent of digital scales and digital scales apps we can now weigh things anywhere in the world with some degree of accuracy.

Types Of Scales:

  1. Balance scales
  2. Spring Based Scales
  3. Electronic Scales
  4. Strain Gauge
  5. Digital Scales
  6. Digital Scales Apps

Download Links:

You can download the free version from Google Play store or Apple App Store using the buttons below, so when you review the app review them on the relevant store.

In cases where you cant access the app stores you can also download the app directly from our website by clicking the Download button (if you download from our server you can still buy calibration credits using Paypal or clicking here !)


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