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tesla electric car 2020

Are Affordable Electric Cars the solution?

Electric cars are not a fresh phenomenon. Actually, the first-all electric car was developed in the 1830s. What's new is ...
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apple time flies event 2020

Apple Time Flies Event 2020 highlights and amazing releases

At the Time flies event September 2020, Apple announced Watch Series 6, Watch SE, iPad Air, eight-generation iPad, and a ...
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iphone lightning headphone airpods spllitter adapter

How to use headphones on iphone 7 with lightning socket

I pulled out my headphones but..... I was using an iPhone 7 and then looking to add some sound on ...
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best car manufacturers 2020

Best car manufacturers of 2020

Are we on the verge of a car and driving revolution? We had a look at the best car manufacturers ...
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BeatDrops on Windows PC

You can now download BeatDrops on Windows PC directly from our website or selected third party freeware / shareware site ...
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Recording Beats with BeatDrops app

BeatDrops lets you record your music to an audio file.  The output format and recording device can vary depending on ...
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get beatdrops on iphone and ipad from apple app store

BeatDrops on iPhone and iPad

You can now use your favourite beat maker app on iPhone and iPad. Just visit and download BeatDrops Beat Maker ...
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iCloud Get Token - Extension

iCloud Get Token – Game Maker Extension

Game Maker Studio is a cross platform game and app developement tool. In order to allow users to access and ...
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iphone tricks hacks tips

What iPhone Tricks and Hacks You Should Know About

The iPhone packs a ton of best features, but you can make it even more strong by unlocking the iPhone ...
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How to best Remove the Background from your Video Clips

If you have a video where you want to remove the background and replace with transparent or single colour like ...
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the flash xeason 3 episode 19

The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 Barry’s New Hair Do

The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 Check out Barrys new hair do and vote below on which you think is ...
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latest trends in technology

What latest trends in technology can you see in 2020?

Technology has come a long way. The latest trends in technology and development in technology have drastically replaced the lives ...
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Latest technology trends to watch in the pandemic

Virus Pandemic and what latest technology trends to watch in 2020

During the pandemic, technologies are playing an important role in keeping our society functional in a time of quarantine and ...
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covid-19 and big tech giants

COVID-19 crisis and how Tech giants are getting creative

Since the pandemic COVID-19 is shaking all over the planet, several people are dying and facing problems to earn for ...
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Moocher Friends, Dates, Groups and Events App

Available as a free download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Just scroll down for download links! Moocher ...
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beat drops app sale

Lockdown Knockdown BeatDrops Sale

As the lockdown persist people are looking for more ways to keep occupied to keep boredom at bay, to keep ...
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Tech’s role in tracking, testing and treating COVID-19

In terms of COVID-19, we are viewing another rise in chatbot helpers, digital epidemiology tools, HER guidance tools and quick-response ...
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take mind-blowing photographs with your smartphone

Phone Photography Tricks Revolutionary Video Course

https://c3a57dvjhd2y1q5hlb07kwkw5m.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=3GFB Have you ever browsed through social media sites / apps like Instagram or SnapChat and wondered how people are ...
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netflix comedy hasmukh tv show

Hasmukh Netflix Series TV Show 2020

If youre looking for a great new Netflix Series / TV / Web Series to binge with during 2020 Lockdown ...
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iphone live listen spy feature

Spy using your iPhone like 007

I just came across a feature on the iPhone which be used to actually use your phone to spy on ...
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tik tok save video

How to save Tik Tok videos without watermark

If you use Tik Tok there will be times you see a video clip and love it so much you ...
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drones and robots against corona virus

Drones and Robots Are Now Used To Fight Corona virus

Drones, robots and other technologies are being deployed in the fight against COVID-19 virus, introducing fresh challenges, opportunities, and risks ...
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BeatDrops on tik tok

BeatDrops App Tik Tok Demonstration

Here are some cool demos and tutorial videos from popular video sharing platform called Tik Tok. Learn how to use ...
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what is cryptocurrency bitcoin and more

What is cryptocurrency? Is it any good?

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is an Internet-based exchange medium for making financial transactions using cryptographic functions. Cryptocurrencies influence blockchain innovation ...
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Free Invoice Generator – Online Invoice Maker

Ever heard about the invoice maker tools or apps? If not, then you are in the right place because today ...
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Tik Tok Social Media Viral Video App

Is Tik Tok the number 1 super social media app?

Tik Tok what? Every so often a new app comes out that becomes super popular in a short time. Facebook, ...
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4. Apple iPhone 11

Top 10 Awesome mobile smart phones of 2019

Top 10 mobile smart phones of 2019 Introduction: We are in the best era of Smartphones where smartphones have become ...
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3 grams digital scales app

3 Grams Digital Scale Not Working?

3 Grams is a digital scales app for Android and Windows mobile phones.  It uses the devices tilt sensors or ...
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circle shaped phone

Your new phone is a circle !

Mobile phones have been around for while now.  They have got smaller, thinner, flatter.  Screens have bigger better, tougher and ...
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wireless keyboard and mouse

Then the keyboard went wireless

Ive always had a wired keyboard and mouse.  Its always been a PS2 keyboard not a USB one.  The reason ...
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pro digital scales app

3 Grams Pro Digital Scales App

3 Grams Pro App Introduction: 3 Grams is a 3 in 1 Digital Scale App. The Paid Pro version is ...
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Hotels Combined hotel search

Save money by comparing hotels on HotelsCombined

We love it when technology is used to not only make stressful tasks easier but also when they save you ...
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Matrix 4 in the pipeline for 2021

Matrix 4 Coming soon.... Browsing the internet today I came across an ad showing a photo from the Matrix movies.  ...
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Gotham Season 5 Netflix – Batman Arrives

Gotham Season 5 - batman arrives In this latest season of Gotham thats carries on where Season 4 left off ...
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free 3 grams calibration code

3 Grams Free Calibration Credits Coupon

3 Grams is a free real digital scales app that allows you to weigh small objects, jewelry or powders on ...
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Police – Whoa Youve Been Tracked!

So just watched a documentary on TV that showed a high speed police car chase.  These are frequent in the ...
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the 100 season 5 and 6 tv show

Netflix The 100 season 5 and 6

I was a fan of The 100 when it first came out and I have now watched it up to ...
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How to undelete a youtube video

How to undelete a youtube video and more

Something bad happened this morning, I was watching some videos on YouTube Videos, but suddenly they all got deleted from ...
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Harddrive Data Recovery Services

Learn about the best Harddrive Data Recovery Services

Harddrive Data Recovery Services There was a time when commodities were very important to humans. Then the time passed, and ...
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sacred games season 2 netflix

Sacred Games Netflix Season 2 Review 2019

Sacred Games Season 2 Netflix Released 2019 Starring Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Surveen Chawla, Elnaaz Norouzi Warning ...
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google play developer tags

Google Play Console Apps New Tags Feature

Google Play will now allow users to set relevant tags to their app description to help end users find the ...
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Another Life Netflix Review

Another Life Created by Aaron Martin Starring Katee Sackhoff (plays the lead role) Selma Blair Samuel Anderson (plays the ships ...
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WP Cerber Vs WordFence Wordpress Security

WordPress Security Plugins, Which One?

Having just installed a good security plugin on my WP site it is amazing to see how many requests are ...
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netflix originals and indian tv shows and movies

The best hindi tv shows on netflix

[Please note this article may contain some spoilers] Being used to binging or watching English and American tv shows and ...
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apple iphone 7

iPhone 7 automatically restarting and setup

Recently I purchased an iPhone 7 off ebay. The price was great and it came with a 12 months guarantee ...
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Top Ten Healthy Snack And Food Android App

Top 10 Healthy Snacks and Food App – Walnuts

Learn more about Walnuts! Introduction: Grapes are one of the most admired fruits consumed all over the world because of ...
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Top Ten Healthy Snack And Food Android App

Top 10 Healthy Snacks and Food App – Grapes

Learn more about Grapes! Introduction: Grapes are one of the most admired fruits consumed all over the world because of ...
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Flash 6 – The Dagger and other Bloopers

Ok so if they destroy cicada's dagger in the past, in the future the dagger never exists right, so then ...
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Top Ten Healthy Snack And Food Android App

Top 10 Healthy Snacks and Food App – Cinnamon

Learn more about Cinnamon! Introduction: Cinnamon is one of the mainly admired and standard spices all over the world, which ...
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Top Ten Healthy Snack And Food Android App

Top 10 Healthy Snacks and Food App – Turmeric

Learn more about Turmeric! Introduction: Turmeric is a perennial herb originated in India and member of the Ginger family. This ...
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