BeatDrops Update – Upgrades Via Rewarded Ads

BeatDrops Update – Upgrades Via Rewarded Ads

Rewarded Ads

In the latest v18.2 update for BeatDrops we have added Rewarded Ads feature. You can now get free extra ‘pages’ to use for your beat projects by watching rewarded video ads or interstitials. Click on the Store menu button, Now press ‘Pages’ you will be offered the chance to get a free page by watching an Ad. You can press Ok to watch the ad. The offer will only be offered once every 12 seconds but please use in moderation. If you want to unlock lots of pages you can do so more easily by one of the Combo Upgrades for a discounted price.

Once you have watched the Ad your reward will be added to your account. But do not forget to save your profile on our server Via the menu File > More.. > ‘Backup profile + Projects To Server’. This will allow you to access your pages on other platform/devices and also to restore your purchases on new installs or if your local data is erased or damaged.

In order to watch rewarded videos ads, at present you will have to Consent to personalized ads when you launch the app. Ads are currently shown by AdMob who require your Advertising ID. See the Beatdrops privacy policy for more details on this.

Watch The Video

BeatDrops Beat Maker app is a free app available on iPhone, Android and Windows App Store. You can create one account and all your projects and paid upgrades will be available across all platforms. If you have not installed it yet you can learn more and get it today from here

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