Categories Of AI-powered Products and Services

2023 is the year that Artificial Intelligence (AI) really took off in the mainstream public and business sectors. People are switching from Googling to asking AI and it has sown its seeds in almost all areas. Before there used to be ‘an app for that’ but now we say ‘there’s an AI for that’. Even in its early days it has proven very useful. As the machine learning and algorithms increase we can expect more powerful and versatile AI becoming available.

Below is a list of categories for AI-powered Products, Services and Websites

  • Image Generation
  • Video Editing
  • Social Media
  • Chatbots & Search
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Content Creation
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Music Generation
  • Software Developement

Image Generation AI Services

There are many free and paid websites and resources for users to obtain artwork, vectors, icons and photos. Such as Stock and free PNG galleries however if you are looking for something more custom made, unique or even experimental then you can try some of the Artificial Intelligence services below. Some are free, some offer free trials, some offer limited daily free usage and others are premium paid only websites:

Leonardo AI allows you to generate photos & artwork using prompts and images. It features many trained AI models & outputs very realistic images. It also has an AI Canvas for outpainting & inpainting using AI prompts.

Free Daily Tokens / Premium Paid

clipdrop ai image tools

ClipDrop is one of the powerful AI image generating tools. It allows you to create an image from text and relight an image. You can also use it to remove picture backgrounds, objects, and other defects. ClipDrop is easy and free to use. 

Free / Premium Paid ai-image manipulation and generation

Artbreeder website lets you upload your images and play with them, age them etc.. Also use mixture of text and image prompts, it also features outpainting. I like the feature that lets you age portrait photos. Has some unique features.

Free Tokens / Premium Paid

deepai ai image tools

This AI image generator allows you to create an image from scratch. All you need to do is to describe the image with a text. Once you are done, it converts it to a unique image. 

Free / Premium Paid

Video Editing AI Services

There are several free and paid websites from where you can download video clips such as Pexels and Stock footage sites. There are also many video editing services like Capcut however you might want very specific editing functions or manipulation where AI could save time or give better results for you. For example removing objects from videos. Video AI services are very new and as time progresses we will have better more versatile AI for working with or generating videos. The ones I have seen are either all premium only or offer free credits for few seconds of video. Using AI you can make new videos using text prompts or images, you can modify or filter existing videos, you can morph realworld video footage into AI generated fantasy video etc… Here are some cool ones I have found:

runway video ai gen1 editing

Runway Research

Runway has a suite of AI services for video editing and generation. Currently you can try Gen 2 for free. Features video, text and image prompts for video generation. Be prepared to pay for useable generations.

Free Tokens / Premium Paid

synthesia io text to video ai

This video editing website does not only edit videos easily, it does not require you to have any editing experience. It enhances the engagement of your videos with over 140 AI avatars. You can also choose natural sounding AI voices in over 120 languages. 

Free Tokens / Premium Paid

kapwing video ai website

Kapwing is another video creator tool designed to allow you to edit your videos fast and with ease. It supports drag-and-drop features so you can learn how to edit very fast without having prior experience.

Free / Premium Paid

veed video ai website

This is one of the fully featured AI video editing websites out there. It is not complicated to use and this is one of the reasons why I love it. With its different backgrounds, images, stickers, sounds and more, you can edit any video to your taste. 

Free Tokens / Premium Paid

Social Media AI Services

Social Media is something lot of businesses, influencers and celebs are using to promote their business or content, but with several major platforms it can be time consuming to creat, edit, format and post new content. Now there are AI-powered Products and Services tha can help create, schedule and manage your social media profiles all form one place.

vistasocial ai website

All round AI tool that allows users to perform different social media tasks. Some of the tasks you can use it to do is to measure your performance thereby knowing what is working or not. Manage your social media messages, reviews, and comments effortlessly. Thus, helping you to build a relationship with your followers. 

Free / Premium Paid

audiense social media ai services

If you are looking for an AI social media tool that will help you understand your audience more, it is Audiense. With this app, you will know what influences, moves, and inspires your audience. It helps you to get better marketing results.

Free / Premium Paid

hootsuite ai

Manage social media, scheduling and publishing your contents to all your social media accounts from one place. Easily see all your created and published content in one calendar. You can use it to create new contents as well as organise the existing ones.

Free / Premium Paid

contentstudio ai

AI social media tool for marketers, brands, and agencies. It allows them to create Instagram captions, rewrite content, Tweet ideas, have content ideas and more. I love it because it is an all-in-one social media AI too. It will also save you a lot of time with its AI generated images, captions, and pre-made templates. 

Free Trial / Premium Paid

Chatbots and AI Search

Basically, everyone makes use of search engines for surfing information on the internet. In some cases, getting the exact information you want is not possible. This might be caused by entering the wrong keywords. Individuals and business people can stay on top of their activities and operations by leveraging AI chatbots and search to get much needed information faster, easier, and better without having to navigate a lot. There are different AI tools that have made this easier and some of them include:

chatgpt ai chatbot openai


ChatGPT is the most popular chatbot that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) in answering queries. It uses machine learning to provide immediate answers for users in a conversational dialogue. So, if you are looking at getting information on any subject fast and easier without having to navigate Google this is a must. 

Free / Premium Paid

poe chat ai

Just like ChatGPT and Google Bard, you can get instant answers by asking Poe AI powered chatbot questions. It allows users to communicate with bots. You can also create your own bot with it and share to others to access information on diverse topics. If there is anything I love it for, it is its support for back-and-forth conversation AI features.

Free / Premium Paid

google bard ai

Google Bard

This is a similar AI powered chatbot like ChatGPT. I love it because it tends to provide more accurate search results because of its accessibility to real-time information. 

Free / Premium Paid

droxy chat ai

This is a great AI chatbot and search tool. You can use it to convert different contents into your personal chatbot making it easy to search content. I love it because of its simplicity in building a chatbot from the beginning to the end without having to code. 

Free / Premium Paid

AI Virtual Assistant 

With lots of engagements, schedules, and tasks, it becomes difficult for humans to attend to certain needs and to be available at all times. With AI powered virtual assistants, one can get assistance with ease. AI powered virtual assistants communicate with users using machine learning and analytics to assist them in completing tasks, taking actions, and finding information. So, they would not have to wait for humans before getting help. Some of different AI powered virtual assistants that do this include:


Lemmy is an AI powered virtual assistant that allows users to experience a personalised chat bot. This tool helps you to understand your work better by integrating with your everyday tools. I love it for its support in integrating with my important applications. 

Free / Premium Paid

elsaspeak ai powered assistant

ELSA Speak

ELSA which stands for English Language Speech Assistant is an AI virtual assistant too that helps you to pronounce English words better. This is a fun and engaging AI app designed with voice data or information of people speaking English language with different accents. If you want to improve your English, this is a must have. 

Free / Premium Paid

socratic ai powered assistant

This is an AI-powered virtual assistant learning app that helps students work at university and school levels. It helps them understand school activities through its text and speech recognition feature. With this AI tool, you can connect to online resources that will help you solve problems. I love it because it works and is simple to use. 


clickup ai powered assistant

This virtual assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence can save you a lot of time that you can’t imagine. If you want an AI writing assistant that does not only save time for other daily activities but enhance your productivity and creativity, it is ClickUp. With it, you can manage your workflow and tasks. 

Free / Premium Paid

AI Tools For Content Creation

Individuals and business owners have great need for content to scale up their business and personal needs. It does not matter if you want to improve your writing or content creation ability, you need content creation tools powered by AI to make it easier. These AI content creation tools help you not to run out of content ideas, create engaging content that will generate leads and clients for your business. Below are some AI powered content creator apps that can help you meet your content creation needs:

lately ai

AI-powered social selling and visibility tool that learns the employee and brand voice. Through this learning, it collects and converts all your content into effective and targeted social media posts or contents leading to enhanced visibility and leads. I love it as the contents it creates are tailored to improving business leads and visibility. 

Free / Premium Paid

writer ai content creation

This is another content creation tool that is powered by artificial intelligence. It helps in creating brand building contents for any brand. It has the capability of conducting research and gaining insights of the content that works. 

Free / Premium Paid

flick ai content creation

AI-powered content creation tool you need when it comes to creating social contents fastest. With it, you will not run out of content ideas and can easily delegate tasks that are time consuming. I love this tool as it makes content planning, creation, scheduling, and publishing less stressful.

Free / Premium Paid

meetcortex ai content creation

There are particular contents that your customers and potential customers crave for. You can’t have a good campaign with good content. This content creation AI tool helps in finding insights about business content that works. With the result, you can launch your business campaigns with great confidence.

Free / Premium Paid

Data Analysis AI

There are many tools one can use in analysing, visualising, and keeping track of data for the sole aim of getting much needed insights to achieve business goals. However, with many free and paid AI-powered data analysis tools out there, choosing the right one might be confusing. Thus, consider selecting some of the following below:

polymersearch ai data analysis

This is an AI data analysis tool that has the ability of analysing your data. Through the analysis, this tool suggests not just the best insights for you but automatically builds a beautiful dashboard for you. It also increases ads conversion. 

Free / Premium Paid

keatext ai data

Keatext AI data analysis tool performs faster data analysis, easier reporting, and recommends AI insights. It is an AI-powered data tool that helps you discover the problems of your customers and how to solve the problems. It focuses on making great improvements in your consumers journey with great AI recommendations.

Free / Premium Paid

monkeylearn ai data

This data analysis tool that is powered by cutting edge AI performs analysis without coding. MonkeyLearn AI-powered data analytic tool makes visualising feedback of customers and cleaning labels simple. These tasks can all be done in one place. 

Free / Premium Paid

text2data ai data

Text2Data AI-powered data analysis tool incorporates machine learning and advanced NLP services into your everyday work tool. It carries out analysis of your documents and identifies the positive and negative parts. With this tool, you will get detailed reports on keywords, themes, and entities. It classifies my text documents into custom or generic categories. 

Free / Premium Paid

Marketing AI

Al has changed the game of marketing and you’ll be missing out if you are not leveraging AI marketing tools to promote your business and products. With AI powered marketing tools or software, you can run better marketing campaigns and have effective marketing strategies that will help you meet your goals easier and faster. 

wordstream ai marketing

Wordstream marketing AI tool saves you a lot of money in Google ads by giving you a true read or grading your performance. With this AI marketing tool, you will instantly find out how your Google marketing ads are performing and how to improve them. I love it as it gives me true read on my impression share, quality score, mobile optimization, long-tail keywords and more.

Free / Premium Paid

smartly ai marketing

Just like the name, this AI marketing tool allows you to work smartly, reaching and engaging your customers who are on more than eight different platforms from a single workflow. Throughout your entire marketing process, you are sure of driving profitable growth, reaching your targeted audience and launching, managing, and updating many ads and campaigns with ease. 

Premium Paid

optimove ai marketing

Optimove is an artificial intelligence powered marketing platform that drives measuring growth by optimising, planning, and measuring many CRM personalised marketing campaigns. This tool helps you to understand your customer and what drives their behaviour. Through this, effective marketing of your products and services are made.  

Premium Paid

affable marketing ai influencer

Affable AI is that marketing tool that helps you to sell your products faster and to scale up your marketing faster. With it, discovering the right influencers for your business campaigns and their followers becomes easier. This is possible with the advanced filters this AI-powered marketing tool comes with. 

Premium Paid

AI Music Generation

All thanks to the free and paid music generation AI tools out there, you don’t need to be an expert to start your music journey. You can also generating vocals in the style of popular mainstream artists however this is still a shady area in terms of copyright, however some artists are seeing the opportunities here and licencing rights to use their AI vocals. Some AI tools allow you to create your music by entering the lyrics or text. If you are considering generating your own music, look out for these AI music generators:

soundraw ai music

There are unlimited music generation with this tool. All you have to do to generate your own music with this music generation AI powered software is to select the music genre, mood, and length. Once done, AI will generate different beautiful songs for you. 

Free / Premium Paid

mubert ai music

This is one of the best and popular AI music generators in the music industry. The Mubert AI tool does a lot. It incorporates creativity and technology. making waves in the industry. This platform does a lot and uniquely blends technology and creativity. Through natural language text prompting, music can be created with this AI.

Free / Premium Paid

beatoven ai music generator

This music generation AI allows you to create different free royalty songs that will elevate your story. You can generate background music using it. I love this tool for its simplicity and ease of use. By just choosing your style or genre, changing mood and other processes, you can generate songs with ease. 

Free / Premium Paid

soundful ai music generation

Soundful AI is a simple music generator for creating or generating free royalty tracks with a few clicks. It works like others earlier mentioned. By choosing the genre and customising your inputs, you can create a track with ease. 

Free / Premium Paid

beatbox fm ai music vocal generation


This has to be the easiest AI music generation site I have used. Simply enter a text prompt for what you want and it will not only generate the music but also the lyrics, the vocals and mp4 video… how cool. However its only a short sample.

Free / Premium Paid

vocalremover ai powered music tools

Vocal Remover and Isolation [AI]

Separate voice from music out of a song free with powerful AI algorithms. It has several useful tools, like Stem splitter and BPM finder. Use it to extract vocals from songs or just music stems and save them.


Software Development AI

Daily, artificial intelligence becomes part of our lives. It plays lots of important roles in our life developing software with ease is part of it. Thus, it becomes inevitable that software developers must leverage them if they are to develop and design software faster. There are many AI tools that can help software developers carry out their everyday activities. They include:

codesnippets ai coding developer tools

It’s one thing to write code when developing a software and another to secure and access it when needed. With this software development AI you can access your code anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. You can also use this AI to save, fetch, generate, and debug your code with a click easily when you want.

Premium Paid

spellbox ai coding developer tools

This is one of the software development AIs used by software developers in different industries for its many purposes. With it, you will have easy and faster coding solutions. This AI helps in creating your needed code from simple prompts. I love it because it helps me solve tough problems in programming in seconds. 


github ai coding developer tools

The AI-powered software developer helps in building, scaling, and delivering safe software. With it, you can code, test, and build from anywhere because it has a complete development environment. 

Free / Premium Paid

askcodi ai coding developer tools

One thing I love about this software development AI is the many features. The features include codi integrations with AI powered extensions which supports you in unlocking your coding potential. Another feature I love is the effortless translation of programming languages with the easy-to-use developer Translate app. 

Free / Premium Paid

Are we missing something?

Hey if you are using an AI website or app not listed above and think its something cool that should be shared with others, then drop us an email we will check it out and add to the list if appropriate.