BeatDrops BeatMaker Free Music Creation App

BeatDrops BeatMaker Free Music Creation App

Free music creation app

BeatDrops Beat Maker App

Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows !

Make music and beats easily on your phone!

Download or buy thousands of awesome samples and loops, including piano, sitar, bongos, flute and guitar directly from the app.

Huge collection of Sound Packs split into 6 groups:

  • Drums – Loads of kicks, snares, percussion and drum loops…
  • Bass – 808, wobbles, saws and deep bass loops…
  • Chords – Ambience, atmospheric, orchestral and strings loops
  • Synths – Sitars, banjos, arps, melody and key loops
  • Misc – Sound hits, piano notes, sound effects, scratches and more…
  • Vocals – Adlibs, hooks, vocal effects, male and female vocal loops…

Make EDM, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Garage, Trance or Trap music.

Features Include:

  1. Cross Platform Support: Make your beats on one device, backup your profile to the server privately, then download / sync on another device and carry on working on the same project! (Requires sign up)
  2. Share Your Beats With The World: Once happy with your beat, enter project info, select a genre and upload it. (Requires sign up)
  3. Download beats created by other users then rate or remix them or just turn the volume louder and listen!
  4. Feature Packed Edit Menu: Adjust volume, pan and pitch of any sample. Make your own grooves.
  5. Change beat BPM to create music in any genre like Hip Hop, Drum and Bass and Dance.
  6. Edit Tracks: Mute / Unmute audio tracks. Copy, Move and Erase whole Tracks.
  7. Loads of Samples: Unlimited sample packs with 12 different sounds each.
  8. Find samples using keywords.
  9. Import your own samples (subject to availability).
  10. Buy new samples from the Store section!
  11. Eight Customisation BeatDrops Sound Pads. Drag any sample to load it into the sound pad. Access Pads by pressing Hide button.
  12. Record your beats in real time.
  13. Share or Save recorded beats to local device.

Please note you can use BeatDrops without signing up as a guest but we advise you sign up to get following benefits:

  • Upload your projects and access them on other platforms or devices.
  • Share you projects with other BeatDrops users.
  • Sync your in app purchases with other platforms.
  • Access to special offers on in app purchases.

Buy stuff from BeatDrops Store :

  • Unlock features like Edit Menu, Save and Sharing of BeatDrops projects.
  • Buy more pages.
  • Buy more tracks.
  • Purchase new sample packs to create more amazing sounds.
  • Be sure to check out several Combo Offers at discounted prices.

Download & Install Links:


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iPhone / iPad

Please note the iOS version has several differences you can read more about these here.

download app on itunes app store

Windows Phone 8.x

BeatDrops Music Creation App For Windows Phone

Windows Desktop / UWP / Windows 10 Mobile

BeatDrops Music Creation App For Windows Phone

Dont forget on Android and Windows you can also import your own or third party samples into BeatDrops however they must be OGG format.  This should not be an issue, if your samples are in mp3 or wav format then use a free audio converter software to convert to ogg.  When using third party samples/loops and you want to upload and share your project please make sure you have permission to do so from the copyright owner of those samples. 

Read the Terms of Service file before making any submissions.

Learn how to make music with BeatDrops and check out some demos:

BeatDrops Video Tutorials

BeatDrops App Demos on Tik Tok

Read the BeatDrops review on freeappsforme

Read the BeatDrops privacy policy

Hey beat maker have you tried the new BeatDrops Pads Pro!

Beat Drops Music Creation Android and Windows App

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