BeatDrops on iPhone and iPad

BeatDrops on iPhone and iPad

You can now use your favourite beat maker app on iPhone and iPad.  Just visit and download BeatDrops Beat Maker from the Apple App Store or iTunes.

The iPhone version has a few key differences.

Guest mode

On the iPhone the Guest mode allows you to use the app as normal with just a few features restricted which require account login. You can also make in app purchases. You can save projects (once you have unlocked this feature) only on your local device.


On the iPhone the recording features works in real time using the phones microphone.  So make sure you are in a quiet location / room and the phones volume is high enough.  The advantage of this is that you can add your own vocals, voiceover or freestyle rap over the beat while it recording. Read more about recording on different devices here.

In App Purchases

On the iPhone all in app purchases from the store are processed by Apple so you need a valid Apple account. All in app purchases are linked to your Apple account. So you need to sign in to Apple and iCloud on your device before using BeatDrops guest mode.

When you make an in app purchase on iPhone / iPad they are available across all your iOS devices. So if you bought a sample pack in guest mode on your iPhone, you can log into your Apple account on your iPad, run BeatDrops in guest mode and still be able to access that sample pack.

When you sign up to BeatDrops and have a guest account you will be asked if you want to associate the BeatDrops account with your Apple account. If you choose yes then all in app purchases will be available in both the guest account and your associated BeatDrops account. This is optional however.

Benefits of signing up with BeatDrops

  • Access to more in app purchases and discounts
  • Access your in app purchases across all platforms and devices
  • Save and work on your projects cross platform and devices
  • Share your work with other BeatDrops users

So download and sign up today from the Apple App Store

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Learn how to use BeatDrops using Tik Tok and Youtube video tutorials.

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