First try at Decohere Ai image and video generator

First try at Decohere Ai image and video generator

Decohere AI Image Tool

So i saw this Ai image generator on Tik Tok, someone was reviewing it.  It thought id give it a try as it looks interesting.

Now I normally use Leonardo Ai as Im use to the site and it has lots of features, but with Decohere its kinda different as it allows you to generate from text prompt in real time, so the image generated updates as you type, so that is kinda awesome.  Whats also great is the speed.  You see in Leonardo Ai you type in a single text prompt and then press generate, it can then takes a few seconds or longer depending on the number of generations / variation you asked for.  But again in Decohere, the image is generated in like under 3 seconds and that is as you type, and you also get many variations on the side aswell to choose from.  So in terms of speed it wins. Oh and you can use it for free (well for now..) for non commercial usage. The paid plans has a reasonable price.

I also tried the video generator which can add motion to any image it previously generated however I found i quite basic, the concept is still a bit new but ive better on other sites like Runway.  If you look at the motion video you can see several mutations or distortions and the eyes do not look right at all.

Heres the image and video I generated with the prompt “a black hip hop female artist making beats on her phone, she is super excited, vibrant colour, she is pointing to her phone with one hand“.

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