BeatDrops BeatMaker Video Tutorials

BeatDrops BeatMaker Video Tutorials

Learn how to use BeatDrops free music creation app by watching and following the videos below.  Dont forget to like and share the videos if you found them useful.

Please note the videos are correct at time of publishing and the actual app features and functionality may differ slightly or completely in future versions of the app.

Youtube Videos:

Watch this video to get a quick demonstration of using BeatDrops to make a simple beat in under 10 minutes:

Get a tour of the General user interface that you will be using to make your beats and ringtones:

In this video learn how to easily upgrade, purchase items from the store and add more samples to your library:

You will no doubt be using the Song menu to share and browse projects aswell as other features, learn more here:

Click here to see a full list of BeatDrops Beat Maker App related videos:

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