Windows VPS – How to set up a domain controller

Windows VPS – How to set up a domain controller

Windows VPS

A domain controller is one of the most important parts when it comes to securing your network and authenticating incoming users. It contains all the data which validates incoming requests to access your network, which includes all the computer names and group policies. Therefore, the DC is the main target of hacker attacks when it comes to security concerns

What is a domain controller why do you need it?

A domain controller, or DC, is a server computer that holds the information which lets it validate any requests coming its way. The domain controller is mostly used for login functions and that is why any bigger business, which gives its customers the ability to create accounts, needs it. When someone enters their login credentials, the domain computer checks its database and either let the user access the website or information or refuses it. With the help of a DC, you can have centralized user management as well as have the user data encrypted for security purposes. It also enables you to share resources between devices and printers. If you are working on a big network, a domain controller can be easily distributed and replicated, connecting all users and devices within a safe environment without unauthorized access. And if you want to secure your data even further, DC can be easily locked down and hardened.

Of course, there are some downsides too. As mentioned before, a DC is the main target for cyber-attacks and be hacked if your security is lacking. Yet that can be remedied if proper security protocols are in place. All the users and OS must be maintained to be up to date, and secure. Also, your network is pretty much dependent on DC uptime as well as software and hardware requirements. All of this can be addressed by using a Windows VPS, so you will never run out of scape or computing power.

How to find your Windows Domain Controller?

And here is a step-by-step guide on how to setup domain a controller for your Windows VPS:

  1. Install Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
  2. Login to ADDS with your admin credentials
  3. Open server manager, then Roles Summary and Add roles and features
  4. Select Remote Desktop Service installations as you are working with a VPS
  5. Choose Role or Feature-based installations
  6. Select the destination server on which the role will be installed, make sure the IP address is correct
  7. Select roles you wish to install, the main one is Active Directory Domain Services
  8. As basic features are selected by default, you can click next
  9. Once ADDS is installed, in the Manage menu select “Promote this server to Domain Controller”
  10. Select “Add a new forest” and enter the Root domain name
  11. Select functional levels to your needs
  12. Enter unique Active Directory Restore Mode password
  13. Enter NetBIOS name for your domain
  14. Select folder where your database will be stored

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