Moving a window onto the active display on Windows

Moving a window onto the active display on Windows

I found myself today trying to open a program, after which I was unable to access its window.  The programs icon was shown in the task bar however when clicked nothing was showing on the screen.

The reason this happened in my case i realised was i had gone from using two monitors to just one.  This program had previous been opened and moved to the second screen.  Now with just one monitor setup there was no way to drag it into view.

Now there are still several options available to you.

  • Close and restart the program
  • Right click the icon in the task bar and select restore or maximize
  • Try the alt tab method to select the right window
  • Right click the icon in the taskbar and select MOVE, then drag the window into view using the mouse or keyboard
  • Select the icon in taskbar and press Windows Key and either of the arrow keys

A new method that worked for me was to press Windows Key and p key. Then select PC screen only (as in one screen), even if its already selected… This moved all off screen windows into the main screen view.

If all else fails you can try and uninstall then reinstall the program… not appropriate in all cases esp if its a large program but could work as a last resort.

Sometimes closing the app and restarting can help.  If not try right clicking

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