5 Hacks for Seamless Live Streaming

5 Hacks for Seamless Live Streaming

To live stream, whether it is on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, will always bring new and exciting things to learn. These live streaming platforms are always being updated to make them more user friendly for both streamers and viewers. There are many tools and sites that may help upgrade your streams, however, to assist in building your following. Here are five hacks for seamless live streaming.

Use a Broadcasting Software

There are a few really good broadcasting software options available, such as OBS and Streamlabs OBS. Both are very customisable and easy to set up. The layouts of the software are very similar, so if you are familiar with one, you can easily shift all your scenes from one to the other. OBS will draw less CPU power making your streams less taxing on your PC; however, Streamlabs OBS is more user friendly with everything you need in one place.

Let’s Talk About Your Setup

To make your streams much more impressionable to viewers, it is a good idea to get a good quality microphone and webcam so people can see not only your gameplay, but your reactions as well as talking to you via chat. As you start growing, you will learn other things that may help improve your streams like stream decks, fancy backdrops with LED lights, and green screens.


There are many sites available for you to purchase or order custom overlays and emotes for your stream. Make use of these to make your brand more personal to you and your community. There are also sites that will help boost your stream’s interactions such as Words on Stream and Twitch Guru.

Create a Community For Live Streaming

A great tip to keep your viewer numbers up is to create a community. You want to create a place where your viewers can see what you’re up to off-stream as well as on a stream. This will keep viewers coming back. You can do this by creating a Discord server or Facebook Page where your followers can talk to you and each other.

Keep Talking on Streams

Keep talking as much as you can, whether it is narrating your playthrough on a game or talking to your chat. It may be that at the beginning of your first few streams, you are talking to nobody – if this happens and it bothers you, just cover your viewer count. It is better to talk out loud to lurkers than to not talk at all and have people coming into your streams with a silent playthrough. At this point, they may as well watch a YouTube video.

These are just a few simple hacks for seamless live streaming to help you grow as a streamer and improve your streams as you do. There are obviously many other aspects to this and it may not work for everyone, but for streamers that are just starting out, it is beneficial to do as much research as you can so you can improve and make less mistakes that other people may have made already.

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