3 Grams Digital Scales App Version 22 Update 2023

3 Grams Digital Scales App Version 22 Update 2023

3 Grams New Update

I have just updated and uploaded the new version 22 of 3 Grams Digital Scales app for Android. In this new update I have added some updated API and some bug fixes as below:

  • Improved performance – Several modifications have been made to the final build apk and also streamlined code.
  • Updated Admob API to latest version and added support for Rewarded interstitial ads for rewards. It will also now require Advertising ID which is used a better user experience and analytics. See the privacy policy for more details on this.
  • Some bugs were fixed with push notifications and permission request has been added for Android 13+ support. Users can allow or deny push notification permission which can also be changed via the app settings from your device settings.
  • Fixed bug with visual scales and camera photo. Added support for Android 13 by adding permission requests.
  • Billing library for in app purchases has been updated to v4 for improved security and functionality.
  • Logo has been updated to 2023 version
  • Several other bugs that were causing crashes have been resolved.
  • Tested on Android v5.5 and v13

Download or update 3 Grams today:

Due to some current restrictions with uploading to Google Play store you can currently only update or download this new more stable and secure version 22 via the website. Its safe and you are free to scan for virus etc… before installing. If you have credits purchased do not uninstall the app or clear the app cache, just install the new version over the old one. Follow these steps:

  • Download the app by clicking here
  • Allow installation of third party apps if you are required to
  • Install the app
download pro scales app

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