3 Grams LiteWeight Video Demonstration

3 Grams LiteWeight Video Demonstration

3 Grams LiteWeight Android App

Video Demonstration

Watch the video demonstration below to learn how to use the app to make estimated weight measurements using 3 Grams LiteWeight –  Digital Scales Emulator App.

The app calculates an estimate of weight of an object by the amount of tilt it causes on something.  You just need to balance the phone in such a way that it can tilt when object is placed near it.

Download 3 Grams LiteWeight

You can download the app for free on any Android device. Click here for all your download options.

Buy 3 Grams Digital Scales Pro App

pro digital scales app

There is also a paid Pro version of 3 Grams Digital Scales App which has lot more features, is faster and ad free. Click here for more information. Buying the Pro version not only gets you a better app experience but also helps to support our developement and updates.

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