The DMA and the Digital Services Act – Whats it all about

The DMA and the Digital Services Act – Whats it all about

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So, there’s this new thing called the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that the European Union (EU) decided to put in place in 2022. It’s all about making the digital world safer and more competitive in the EU, and it’s kind of a big deal.

First up, the DSA. This one’s all about rules for online platforms – think social media, online marketplaces, and search engines. Basically, it’s making these platforms take a more active role in keeping illegal and harmful stuff off their sites. Plus, it’s giving us regular folks more say in what happens with our personal data when we’re using these platforms.

Now, the DMA is more about keeping the big online players in check. They call them “gatekeepers.” These are the giants of the internet world. The DMA is making sure they play fair. No more pushing their own stuff over everyone else’s, and they have to make it easier for us to switch to other platforms or ditch pre-installed apps.

Here’s why this matters:

  1. Safety First: The DSA makes online platforms step up their game in removing bad stuff from their sites. Safer internet? Yes, please.
  2. More Control Over Data: With the DSA, we regular users get more control over our personal data and how it’s used online. Adios, creepy targeted ads.
  3. Fair Competition: The DMA is all about leveling the playing field. Smaller businesses get a shot, and we get more choices as consumers.

These laws are still pretty new, but they could change how we use and experience the internet in the EU. And for folks like developers, publishers, and businesses, there are some cool perks too.

For instance, the DMA stops those gatekeepers from playing favorites with their products, which helps smaller players. It also makes it easier for us to switch to new apps or get rid of the ones we don’t want. Imagine that.

If there’s a dispute between someone like a developer and a big player like Google Play, the DSA sets up a fancy dispute resolution thing. It’s like an online judge – fair and impartial. So, if your app gets unfairly booted from a store, you have a way to make things right.

Another example few months ago Facebook, out of the blue, blocked my Facebook Ads access without any clear valid reason. I was not even advertising anything on it for over a month, all payments had been paid and all previous ads had been approved.

Currently there are third party mediators available online for example the CEDR however they have limited powers to enforce decisions they make.

These laws are a big step forward for the little guys in the tech world. Transparency about algorithms, more control over payment systems and data, and new ways to reach users are all in the mix. In a nutshell, it’s about fairness and giving the power back to developers and businesses. For example currently if Google Play suspended your app they can get away with being as vague as they want, which does not help developers to resolve anything and years of their hardwork and investment can go down the drain overnight…..

So, yeah, the DSA and DMA might sound a bit technical, but they’re here to make the digital world better for all of us. And we are hoping they bring about the support and help needed to empower developers, publishers and business users of these big online companies.

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