iLuvU Voice Notes Messenger Mobile App

iLuvU Voice Notes Messenger Mobile App

iLuvU Voice Notes App

Completed full stack development of the iLuvU Voice Notes Messenger app for the iPhone and iPad. The app was also published on the Apple App Store, see below for more info and download links.

The client required an app that allowed users to record and send personal love notes as audio recordings to loved ones such as your spouse or family.

After initial discussion with the client I received an app flow from them and then started work.

I first made draft designs for the layout and app flow on a screen by screen basic. I did research and looked into what additional API’s would be required.

I then drafted out how the features would work and identified any potential issues.

The core features of the iLuvU iPhone app were developed and tested. A working prototype was delivered to the client for their check. They identified aspects which needed improving or changing.

I then had another discussion with the client to discuss revisions, issues and improvements.

I then fixed the issues, completed the core features then started work on improving the UI design. Several options were offered to the client and we used the one they were happy with.

A final working prototype was delivered to the client for testing. We discussed potential improvements and how to proceed.

App Store Submission

The final version was compiled and uploaded to the App Store.

We then completed the App Store submission details. We optimized the app store description to include relevant keywords. All other relevant sections were checked and the build was submitted for review.

The review process can take upto a few weeks and it also depends on the complexity of the app. In this case the app was approved within 48 hours and it is now live on store.

You can see the completed app, get more info and download it here:

download app on itunes app store

Complete A to Z service

As part of the full stack development of this app it required a PHP backend secured using HTTPS. So I have also setup Domain, DNS, SSL certification, FTP, MYSQL databases and a WordPress website installation.

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