3 Grams is a series of apps that amongst other things lets you estimate weight using just your smartphone.  To learn more, see video demonstration and download a free copy see here.

The scales app works best when it is properly calibrated.  Each time you use a different object to balance the phone you will need to re-calibrate the scales.  You can do this using known weights like coins.

You can buy calibration credits for cheap in the app in various pack sizes.  In case you have downloaded the app directly off any app store or IAP is not available you can buy a coupon code for calibration credits below and then enter that code into the app.

All website payments are securely processed by Paypal.  We will email the coupon code to your paypal email within 3 days.

Once purchased start 3 Grams digital scales app on your mobile, click the Shop button on the main screen, then press the coupon button.  Enter or copy the exact code into the text input box and press ok.  The credits should be added.  The coupon code is single use only so please make sure you install it when needed and on the correct device and not to share the code with anyone else.

Buy Calibration Credits



Once you have made payment via paypal you will receive an email receipt with a transaction number.  We will then also send a new generated coupon code of the value bought.  Please note it can take upto 12 hours to recieve the coupon code.  In certain cases it may take longer for example if purchased after 11PM UK GMT, or during public holidays.  In the case that you dont receive your coupon code please email the paypal transaction ID to [email protected] with the subject line “Claim 3 grams Coupon Code”.

Buy Credits Using Crypto Currency On Opensea

You can now buy calibration credits with cryptocurrency such as ETH and Matic using MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and more….  And as its on the Polygon chain you pay next to no gas fees on purchase.
Get 12 Credits For 3 Grams LiteWeight from the Mobile App NFTs Collection & get a video NFT included!
First buy the NFT buy clicking on the link below or look for NFT credit coupon offers in our collection.  Once you have purchased the NFT you will be given access to the unlockable content which contains instructions on usage and also the coupon code you need.

Thanks for your purchase.

Dont forget you get upto 3 free calibration credits when you install the app first time, you can also get a few free credits in other ways please read this for more details.

Terms of Purchase:
No refunds will be issued once coupon has been used!