Spy using your iPhone like 007

Spy using your iPhone like 007

I just came across a feature on the iPhone which be used to actually use your phone to spy on someone and listen it with no need to install third party apps.

Yes you could setup a live stream on one phone and watch on another device but then you would need two devices, fast wifi and install apps on both devices.

If you have an iPhone try this:

  • Click Settings
  • Click Control Centre
  • Click Customize Controls
  • Click on Hearing

i Spy ….

Now when you want to spy or listen using the iphone as a transmitter, do the following.  Just note you need to Airpods (wireless headphones) and pair them up so they connected to the phone. It might also work with other paired up bluetooth audio devices like bluetooth headsets.

  • Swipe up from bottom of the screen
  • Click the hearing icon
  • Select Live Listen
  • Live Listen uses your device’s microphone, which is at the bottom of the iPhone / iPad
  • Have a mess about with the volume on the phone to get it just right to minimise background noise and get clear sound.

When youre done listening just access the Hearing icon on the Control Centre and turn Live listen off.

Dont forget to pick up your iphone after youre finished.

Also when using this feature to spy be aware of laws of the land and you dont really want to invade someoned privacy. There are other uses for example you can use it as a Baby Monitor to know when a baby is crying.

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