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Crystal Clouds

MicroWorld #16 The story continues. At first they were small and looked like normal faint wispy clouds that grew and hovered over the three distant peaks. As the explorers got nearer they could see that the clouds were crystal shaped like the pyramidal mountains that shone below. These, the mountains … Read more

Citty cat!

Please press "L" for the best view! Please like my facebook page! Means ALOT to me! All of the pictures are © copyright by Robbert Westerhout "Some Rights Reserved" worldwide. Please do not use, copy or edit any of my photographs. However please feel free to contact with me … Read more


Posted by Arrtem on 2009-02-15 22:28:10 Tagged: , d80 , BW , cat , nikon If you are looking for some of the best viral and trending videos on the internet right now head over to Top 10 viral website Read more