3 Grams Digital Scales App Videos

3 Grams Digital Scales App Videos

3 Grams Digital Scales App Videos

Do not just place objects on the phone! the phone needs to tilt!

Below are all the videos related to 3 Grams digital scales app.  These include promotional videos, demonstration videos and videos to show new features in the app or updates. 

If you are using 3 Grams LiteWeight note the app may look a bit different but functions in a very similar way. There is also s specific video for the LiteWeight version here. You can watch the 3 Grams videos and still make use of the instructions, tips and demos.

You can watch more videos on Youtube or Tik Tok.

The Pro version functions in the same way as the Free version with the additional benefits.

If there is anything you would like to see added please email us at [email protected]

Promotional Videos

Promo Video 1:

Promo Video 2:

Demonstration Videos

Digital Scales Demonstration Video:

Visual Scales Demonstration Video:

Fake Scales Demonstration Video:

Please note the ‘Fake Scales’ was available in the older versions. It is currently only available in the Windows Phone versions. In the current Android versions it is replaced by the showcase scales which has similar features but allows you to only showcase weight readings you have stored in the app. If you require ‘Fake Scales’ feature on Android please contact us for a custom build.

Note the showcase scales on Android has slightly different layout  as shown in the video.  There is no Tare button and you will see 4 Weight buttons.  Video coming soon.

Alternative Methods:

You can use the digital scale without placing objects on the phone. This is useful for larger objects or slippery ones. You can create a makeshift balance using a flat object balanced on something that allows tilt, like a crisp packet. You can then place the phone on the flat object and use that like in this video:

New Fullscreen Scales Feature

Download the Free App on Google Play and Windows Phone Store

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