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The Flash Season 4 – Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo in The Flash Season 4!! We have heard that Machete and From Dusk Till Dawn super star Danny Trejo will be making an appearance on The Flash season 4 and will play an interdimensional bounty hunter by the name of Breacher! From Eaqrth 19 he will play the … Read more

Cast in The Flash – Jesse L Martin

Jesse L Martin   Jesse L Martin is an African American actor and singer coming from a Broadway background.   He excelled in school and got his break starting in small musicals, progressing onto bigger roles in TV shows like Law and Order.  He has also been in X-Files where he … Read more


The cast of Heroes at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Posted by Ana Gremard on 2007-12-17 23:40:19 Tagged: , heroes , celebrity , actor , masi , hayden , milo , zachary quinto , photography If you are looking for some of the best viral and trending videos on … Read more