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The Flash Comic Con Season 4 Trailer

Watch The Flash Comic Con Season 4 Trailer Iris – “Barrys not coming back”   Cisco “I miss My friend”   Barry ?   Will he come back?   Watch the Comic Con Season 4 Trailer featuring some of the new villains.   We loved the look on Caitlins face…really … Read more

The Flash: Comic-Con 2016 Panel

A direct link to the Comic Con event featuring majority of the cast and production team. Find answers to lots of your questions. Very interesting and informative interviews.   This is just before the Season 3 premiere in October 4th 2016 A lively Grant Gustin delivers his justifications and explanations … Read more

Broken glasses and Book – Heroes

Broken glasses Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) Book of Chandra Suresh (Erik Avari) and Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) These objects , marked the imagination of the series ‘Heroes’ and already part of the fingerprint ‘Heroes : Reborn’. They were to be seen in the exhibition ExpoSyfy at the stand Syfy Portugal … Read more


Vision, Heroes Reborn Iron Man, Guardian, Crossbones, The Human Torch from the BAF Ares wave Posted by willdleeesq on 2008-07-29 20:55:50 Tagged: , Comic-Con , action figures , toys , Hasbro , Marvel , Marvel Comics , Iron Man , Marvel Legends , SDCC , SDCC2008 , San Diego Comic-Con … Read more

Zachary Quinto of Heroes (Sylar)

Posted by Doug Kline on 2008-06-15 05:25:40 Tagged: , san diego , comic-con , 2007 , heroes , tv , nbc , zachary quinto , sylar If you are looking for some of the best viral and trending videos on the internet right now head over to Top 10 viral … Read more