How to undelete a youtube video and more

How to undelete a youtube video and more

Something bad happened this morning, I was watching some videos on YouTube Videos, but suddenly they all got deleted from my Channel by accident. Later, all the original video files were also removed from my PC to free up space. But These deleted videos are valuable to me. Is it possible to undelete YouTube videos? What can I do?

YouTube is the 2nd popular search engine right after Google, it’s the best sharing and watching platform for individuals and enterprise. A huge number of videos get published and shared on their website every day in all sort of niches, reaching millions of people all over the globe.

You can upload or download any interesting and helpful video on any topic. However, Out of all these YouTube videos, a significant number also get deleted every day. You might have encountered this problem, so you may lose some crucial YouTube videos due to mistaken deletion from your Google Account, local PC, or the YouTube channels during the viewing, sharing, or uploading and even from your smartphone.

Have you experienced deleting a YouTube video by accident, without keeping an extra copy of the lost video on hand? This is a common scenario among YouTube channel owners where they remove a video from their channel and then realizing they don’t have a backup copy. 

So How do you deal with this situation?

Don’t worry if you happen to face this problem. Check out these effective methods listed below to help you recover deleted YouTube videos.

Some YouTube Videos Deleted Issue:

Basing on the terms of YouTube usage, any video may get taken down if it violates one of the rules and regulation of the website. Here are three common causes of videos deletion:

  • Copyright strike:

Copyright issues are rampant on YouTube, especially when you use music or videos that are previously owned by a third party. They can claim ownership of it and strike your video as a copyright violation. This is an offense that has a legal basis and should be carefully taken into consideration before uploading a video that may contain copyrighted material.

  • Privacy complaints:

 Sometimes, a third person or party will file a formal complaint that the video contains privacy violation. If the content endangers the person in any way, be it revealing their address or other personal information without their consent, that person has the right to ask management to take down your videos.

  • Content issues:

If the video has content deemed no friendly or promotes abuse, the management has the right to take down the video without warning. The uploader is then usually asked to edit the video to make it more user-friendly and appropriate for viewing of all ages.

What are the best ways to recover undeleted YouTube Videos?

  • Method 1: Download deleted YouTube videos from

The first method involves using the Internet WayBackMachine located at 

It offers a way to see deleted YouTube videos that you have previously uploaded. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Log in to your channel account and look for emails you received that may contain details about your uploaded videos.

2.   Copy the video link that you want to recover it to your clipboard. You cannot play it directly from the link at this point.

3. Navigate to and paste the link in the WayBackMachine’s search window. Hit the search button. 

4. You will see all the details about the lost or deleted YouTube video and you may be able to download it again.

P.S: Keep in mind that not all of the deleted YouTube videos can be found. If this method doesn’t work then it’s time to try some serious video recovery in an attempt to recover lost or deleted YouTube videos.

  • Method 2: Restore Lost YouTube Videos Using Data Recovery Software.

Before you upload the videos to your YouTube channel, you must have saved the original video files to your computer hard drive, or camera SD card, external hard drive. If the original files are deleted or lost from your local storage devices, you can use a Data Recovery Wizard that can search and recover the created videos from Windows PC or Mac. After the recovery, you can again enjoy uploading and watching your videos on YouTube. 

  • Method 3: Recover Deleted YouTube Videos from a Backup.

When faced with a lost YouTube video, or any deleted file for that matter, having a good backup of your system can be crucial in enabling you to quickly get it back.

Regularly backing up your computer is a task that all users should follow, though many computer owners do not take this protective action. You might never actually need your backup, but when you do, it’s usually a critical situation. Read a bit more about this here.

Depending on the operating system and backup solution that you use, the specific steps to recover YouTube videos in your backups will differ. If you have been consistent with your backups you should be able to recover YouTube videos that were on your computer at the time of your last backup.

More recently downloaded videos will not be on any of your backup media. In that case, you will have to resort to other methods to watch deleted YouTube videos.

  • Method 4: Recover Deleted YouTube Videos from Help Support.

If you are eligible to the YouTube Partner Program, you can follow steps below to send an email to the support team to restore lost or deleted videos from YouTube videos. 

1. Sign in to your channel and go to the bottom of the page to click “Help”.

2. Click “Need more help” > “Get Creator Support”.

3. From the category, choose the required issue and click “Email Support”. Besides, you may need to click “contact the Creator Support team” link as well.

4. Send them an email explaining your issue and you should get a response from the support team within a week.

  • Method 5: Find and get back the deleted video from “mirror” sites.

Though many users prefer to upload and share videos on YouTube, it is much likely that they share the same video onto other video platforms, also, may video sites will mirror the video on YouTube this all makes it possible for you to find and download the deleted YouTube videos back online.

Input the title of deleted YouTube videos into Google search, since the uploader mirror sites may use the same title for videos onto different platforms. Then check the result, bookmark the video source for later watching, also you can download the video with online video downloader for offline watching. Below are the sites that video uploaders prefer: 

· Facebook.

· Vimeo.

· Dailymotion.

· Twitch.

You just need to visit above-mentioned websites, input the title or keywords of deleted YouTube video for searching online. Once found, open to watch, bookmark or download for later watching.

What You Need to Know before Deleting a YouTube Video?

If you are going to delete a video from your YouTube Channel, please take the following key points seriously before the deletion.

1. There is no feature on YouTube to recover a deleted video. Deletion of a video on YouTube is a permanent action and can NOT be undone by YouTube itself. If not, you have a backup on your computer, that you can reload the video(s) on your channel.

2. It’s the sole responsibility of the user to keep backups on their computer if one accidentally deletes their video.

3. YouTube does not store or archive personal videos. Comments and likes are erased when the video is deleted. So re-uploading the video will not have the engagement you had before deleting the youtube video.

Tips to Prevent YouTube Videos from being Deleted

YouTube formulated a series of rules to manage its users and videos. If your video violated the Community Guidelines & Terms of Service or contained inappropriate speech, etc., YouTube may delete your video as punishment.

To recover deleted YouTube videos, you should re-edit your video following rules and restore it.

If you read community guidelines and make sure that you didn’t violate any rules or copyright, then appeal. YouTube would reprocess this case. It could be easier and faster to restore deleted YouTube videos on condition that you write a sincere long blog post explaining more details and asking people to comment on your post.

  • 4 Tips to Prevent YouTube Videos From Being Deleted:

· Don’t upload illegal, violent, adult videos, etc. to YouTube.

· Don’t share videos from other creators (upload your original videos)

· The audios that embedded in videos can’t be copyright protected.

· Avoid uploading the same videos to multiple platforms.

How To Recover Deleted YouTube Videos – Conclusion

If you are serious about how to watch a deleted youtube video, which you have deleted by mistake from your channel, I will start with method number 4. Yes, it will take some time, before the support team reaches out to you, but they are the best bet for you. If they do it, you will have your YouTube video back in the best quality possible, and they might even restore it on youtube, instead of getting you back your file, which is less work for you.

But for this to happen, you have to be patient, it can take up 2 weeks before you hear a response from the support.

If you can’t wait or you do not have enough views on your channel, definitely try the Waybackmachine method using site. If you have a small channel with minimal views, there is a good chance that your video won’t be there, because they did not crawl it yet. But if the video has at least a few hundreds of views, this method just might work out for you. Especially if you have shared your video on social media with good optimization. Then you have a really good chance of having your video there.

The method number 3 works great, if you can, get a premium version of a data recovery software, or at least download the trial package. – I am not sure how proven is the free version of the software -. You’ll be able to recover not only deleted files from your hard drive but also restored external HDDs and broken sd and micro sd cards.

And if you are windows user, this is definitely a good choice for you, but as I have mentioned, you can lose different data, and there is also a good chance that you don’t have any recent back up to restore from. This would be my last resort, and even then, I would hesitate if I should go through with it, and that is coming from someone who had done this successfully many times.

Best way to never get to this trouble is to back up your files correctly, either get a google drive or sync everything on your cloud, I am sure there are many other ways to store your data. Or get a separate 1TB HDD and store everything there, you can even have multiple 1 or 2 TB external HDDs. You can save all your work and your videos over there. Do it every week if possible, and you don’t have to worry again if anything happens to your pc. Nowadays, external hard drives are not that expensive. 

This article gave you detailed methods on how to recover a deleted video from YouTube, it should help you understand what to do and what to expect from a piece of data recovery software. 

So this is how to watch a deleted youtube video, I hope that this tutorial will help you and that you know how to get your video back. And please keep in mind that Data backup is the key; if you have backed up your videos and data in general, you would not have this issue.

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