What You Need to Know about Sump Pump Alarm Systems

What You Need to Know about Sump Pump Alarm Systems

What You Need to Know about Sump Pump Alarm Systems

If you have a sump, then you understand the potential issues that come with having this type of system on your property. A sump pump controls the water level inside the sump, so that too much water will overflow and potentially cause damage.

However, there are times in which the pump itself may break down or not move enough water to keep the sump from overflowing. Having a smart sump pump alarm can warn you of the dangers before it is too late.

What are Sump Pump Alarms?

It is a device that is installed with your sump pump to monitor water levels. When the water level exceeds or goes below a pre-determined setting, an alarm goes off to warn you of a potential issue. You now have the time to act to correct the issue before the water escapes the sump or the lack of water damages the pump.

The alarms are simple in design but come in different sizes and may have specific features for certain types of sumps.

Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm

How Sump Pump Alarms Monitors Water Levels in Real Time

There are different types of sump pumps, but the basic principle is straight forward. A float is tethered to the alarm, so that the height of the water is always measured. Once set, the alarm will only go off when there is something wrong with the water levels which may indicate issues with the sump pump itself. This type of mobile sump pump alarm notification provides you with a heads up in case of trouble.

The most common issue is too much water which may cause damage or worse, back up into your home, or cause damage to your property. Conversely, not enough water may damage the pump itself. By monitoring the water levels, issues can be noticed before you see any other evidence of something wrong.

There are excellent sump pump alarm systems available that are right for your needs while fitting your wallet. You should only get the best for your home, one that is reliable and comes from a reputable manufacturer.

How a Smart Sump Pump Alarm Alerts You for Maintenance Needs

Sump pump alarms run off electricity, but also have a battery back-up in case the power goes out. If the battery runs low, an alarm will sound indicating that you need to change out the battery. The sump pump alarm itself is generally simple and robust in construction, so it will experience few repair issues.

If there is too much water, the alarm will sound letting you know that something might be wrong with the pump itself. If the water level is too low, the alarm will sound indicating that action is needed before the pump is damaged. It’s possible that the alarm may notify you of other maintenance issues, such as the sensors need adjusting or that the pump has been working for a long period during peak use or a long rain,

If you want more information about sump pump alarms, then contact the professionals at securitysaint.com.

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