The terms and conditions for usage of the app names Blog Share Friends

Also read the app privacy policy.

Blog Submission Terms

By submitting your blog or website to our app / service you agree that you are the owner or have permission from the owner to submit it. You also agree that the content of your blog is not offensive or adult in nature. We encourage that your blog should be mobile friendly. You agree that we may show your blog, blog URL and name to any user we choose via the app ‘View Blog’ feature. You agree that we may remove your blog without notice for any reason we choose if we deem it necessary, for example it may be causing hang ups or freezing of the browser, have too many ads or have bad quality content.

Also your submitted blog must not (nor link to cotent that):

  • Contain content that promotes sex toys, explicit images / videos.
  • Contain images that depict sexual acts of any kind or sexually suggestive poses.
  • Contain content that encourages terrorism or has content on violent activities such as bomb making or weapon making.
  • Promote any form of self harm or harm to others.
  • Endorse or promote racism or discrimination towards any groups based on gender, religion, ethnic origin or age.
  • Allow the sale of illegal drugs, or have content related to growing of illegal drugs or use of drugs / alcohol by minors.
  • Download any third party software, virus or malware in the background.

Also your submitted blog must NOT:

For best performance and prevent your blog from causing conflicts, app crashing or decreased user experience please try and adhere to the following:

  • Disable any popups or popup ads for the page your submit
  • Submit pages with a fast page load time
  • Check your links are working on mobile browsers
  • Do not use site redirections
  • Do not use content lockers
  • Do not use pop up alerts or notifications

We have a zero-tolerance policy against child sexual-abuse imagery. If we become aware of content with child sexual abuse imagery, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and remove your account. We also take action against anyone found to be abusing this service in anay way to gain credits.

By default your blog will be shown for a minimum of 12 seconds. After this time the viewer can stay on your site, view it externally in their phones browser or move on to the next blog.