3 Grams Tilt Level Meter App Help

3 Grams Tilt Level Meter App Help


3 Grams Tilt Level Meter App is a handy easy to use app that can be used to measure angles, convert angles into different units, measure the amount of tilt on a surface and also estimate weight of an object producing the tilt amount.

Home Screen

From here you can access all the sections, settings and purchase options.

Measure Angles

Here you can view angles on the screen. Useful to determine the angle of something small or to draw an angle on paper. Just drag your finger up and down on the screen to increase / decrease the angle. Tap left or right of the screen to increase or decrease angle by 0.5 degrees. You can also use two fingers to drag and rotate the baseline from which the angle is being measured.

Measure Surface Tilt

Maybe you want to put up a new shelf and want to make sure its straight. Or you want to see if something is tilted and by how many degrees. Just Press start and place the phone on the surface/object. Be sure to first place the phone on a known flat surface and press the Zero button to set the zero tilt from which to measure from.

Estimate Weight From Tilt

To enable and use this feature you first need to enable ‘Tilt To Weight’ from the settings. When you place a mass or object on any surface it will produce a displacement or tilt. If you know that 1000 grams causes a tilt of 40 degrees, then from this you can estimate that a 20 degree tilt will be caused by an object of 500grams. So the app uses this principle to estimate the weight of an object. The best way to use this feature can be seen in the demonstration videos. Place the object on any surface which allows displacement.

Here are some illustrations to help:

convert tilt to weight in grams or milligrams accurate algorithm based calculation

Please note you can measure the amount of tilt without calibration of the app however in order to convert the tilt amount to a weight estimate it is based on the calibration value and this has to be set by pressing the calibrate button and following the instructions on the screen.


We need to first determine the tilt amount caused a fixed known weight.  So place the phone on a flat balanced surface, then place the known weight on the same surface.  This mass will cause a displacement and tilt the surface and phone.  The tilt is measured by the app.  This tilt value is then used to convert the tilt to a weight estimate.

You will need to calibrate the app each time you use a different surface, balance setup or device. Please note this is not a digital scale and so please do not place objects on the phone to weigh them

Store and Credits

Some features in the app require credits to use them. To use the fullscreen mode to take measurements needs 1 credit. To calibrate the app for the Tilt To Weight feature needs 1 credit. You will get some free credits when you install the app the first time. You can also gain several free credits in the app.

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