Best App Promotion Tips Help and Rate

Best App Promotion Tips Help and Rate

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Best App Promotion Tips

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Nowadays if you just release an app no matter how good it is or how much you spent to make it, it will just sit there on the store and you might get a few free organic installs from Play Store search results.  So when you are allocating a budget you should make sure that you allow for marketing costs.

But dont worry if you dont have much to invest we can still help you.  Just check out over 80 free tips that will help you to promote and even make your app go viral for next to nothing!

Simply install the app and press the Start button.  Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to scroll through each tip.  if you see the URL button animated that means this tip has an associated link, just click the URL button to visit the useful related link.

You can also press goto button to enter the number of the tip you want to see again.

The free app comes with 40 tips included.  To unlock all the tips simply press the Unlock Tips button on the main screen.  This will allow you to make a one off in app purchase using your App Stores default payment processing.  Once purchased you will get access to all current and newly added tips.  You can also purchase option to disable all ads in the app.

Do you have a great tip you want to share with us and other developers (they will love you for it!), then press Suggest button on the main menu and send us your tip!

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