How to save Tik Tok videos without watermark

How to save Tik Tok videos without watermark

If you use Tik Tok there will be times you see a video clip and love it so much you will want to save it.  Or maybe you want to share it or edit it or make a mashup.

When you download the videos you will always see the Tik Tok trademark, watermark on the video at the top and bottom.

Most of the time this would not bother you but in some situations you might not want the watermark.  Maybe you are making a mashup video or editing one for reposting.

but all is not lost as there are several ways to get that Tik Tok video downloaded, watermark free!

Method 1

There are several third party websites that let you download the video.  For example  You will need to enter the full tik tok video clip URL and press download.  Problem is sometimes these sites dont work, they have loads of annoying popups or they may be on shaky grounds when it comes to copyright issues.

Method 2

Record a Duet with the video you want to download.  Record anything.  Then playback and use screen recorder to record the video with its duet video on screen.  Next edit the recorded video and use Crop video to crop the video you want.

Method 3

If you dont mind losing some of the video then download the video as normal by clicking share->Save video and then open the video in your Photos or Video Editor and then crop the video cutting off part of the top and bottom of the video where the watermarks are shown.

if you really liked a video and wanted it in its original format and have a valid reason for wanting so, then you could also message or contact the video uploader and ask then to send you a copy by email.

If you know any other methods please let us know.

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