iCloud Get Token – Game Maker Extension

iCloud Get Token – Game Maker Extension

Game Maker Studio is a cross platform game and app developement tool.

In order to allow users to access and use certain features such as third party SDKs or user created content you can download or buy assets or extensions from their Marketplace.

Here is one such extension created for the iOS platform.

iCloud Get Token is a small extension that allows you to easily:

1 – Determine if user is signed in to iCloud on their iPhone / iPad 

2 – Will return the unique iCloud Token for the user

As this is a unique token you can use it to sort of identify a specific user across multiple iOS devices.  The reason is you are not allowed to use the users Apple Id to identify them.

This can be useful if you want to say for example store user (not device) specific details on your server which can then be served to that user acrosss all theri device.

It could have other uses.

Just call the function it will either return the token as a string or if not connected to iCloud then will return a “” string.

Additional Functions: 

3 – Get identifierForVendor – An alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a device to the app’s vendor 

4 – Get Phones Model 

5 – Get Phones name 

6 – Get current version of the operating system

More will be added later..

We do not have function to get UDID as as far as we know Apple rejects apps that request it programmatically.

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