Batman v Superman 2016 Movie Review

Batman v Superman 2016 Movie Review

Here’s my Batman v Superman 2016 Movie Review!

Released on: March 25, 2016

Directed By: Zack Snyder

Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, and Holly Hunter

Batman v Supeman Review

The fight is on!

I already know who Batman is!

If like me you are into sci-fi and super heroes you will have grown up watching DC comic based Batman and Superman.  But these new movies cater for the new generation as well some who may be new to the super heroes we all know and love.

I myself know the story of Batman and Superman, who they are, where they came from what is their driving force etc…  So when I see them telling the story of Batman again in BVS I feel frustrated…not again I said.  This movie sort of follows on from the last Superman movie of 2013 “Man of Steel” so we don’t see so much of the Superman back story as we already seen that.  I know what they tried to do in this movie and why this caused the big bad reviews for this movie.  Die hard fans and CGI fans will look past this but if you’re more into the storyline and flow then you might be let down or angered.

I felt a bit angered during some of the scene changes.  It is the first time on big screen they have brought together two of the biggest revamped super heroes of recent times.  They have both been retold and sort of reinvented in their own styles.  But then to try and bring them together into one movie was surely not going to be an easy task, and it wasn’t, you can see that, it doesnt quite work.  Its only when we get to the big CGI  actions scenes that you finally settle back into your seat and appreciate the movie for what it was meant to be.  We heard on other reviews they also did not like the multiple concurrent storylines aspect.  To be honest this is not the problem because it does sort of flow, its just that alot happens, then the scene changes to a different character, like in the Superman introduction scenes what were those big alien ship things (maybe they were from the previous movie, but for new viewers they would be left with questions) and what was Bruce Wayne doing in metropolis isnt he from Gotham City, Is Metropolis near Gotham City?  They even managed to fit in Kevin Costner playing Supermans Father.. Maybe they could have added Halle Berry as Catwoman that would have added two female characters.  They are two different characters / heroes with different pasts its more than just merging these two guys its also about merging Wonder Woman and all the other characters associated with each hero.  Sometimes it works like in X-Men because it was designed to have lots of powered mutants, you expect to see lots of characters and heroes as we dont focus totally on one or two.  But here theyve taken tow more or less solo heroes and teamed them up.

The entry scenes could have been done better especially for Superman, that was really bad, his first scene just show him in a long shot flying towards us, they could have surprised us we have seen the super hero landing too much now..  The best entry scene was Wonder Woman, read below…

Clark Kent & Louis Lane

Clark Kent & Louis Lane

Was there really a need to see Louise Lane naked in the bath tub?  We are warned some scenes may not be suitable for children, ok its not pornographic but was it necessary, she basically tries to show as much flesh as legally possible.  We don’t need to see that to know how much she loves Clark Kent..  I don’t think she plays the role with as much conviction or convincingly enough compared to other actresses I have scene.  Her role is a side role, with not as much screen time, so maybe that why they show alot more of her in the bathtub…I still don’t get the dream or vision Bruce Wayne has about Louis Lane, with some guy saying she is the key…Eh?  How was she the key?


Lex Luthor..Come on act your part you’re meant to be a possessive evil criminal..

Lex Luther Batman v Superman

The storylines slowly merge thanks to Lex Luther…Its the villain that actually holds the storylines of all three heroes together as he becomes the focus and they all work around what he does.  But whats wrong with Lex?  he plays the role and looks more like he is playing the Joker, all that was missing was the face paint.  Lex Luthor head of a big rich corporation and having evil intentions would require a more mature serious actor no?  Also his acting in some scenes reminded me of Shah Rukh Khan from Bollywood.  Lex was supposed to be Clark Kents friend and in his age group but the movie shows him as a younger character.  I was not impressed by Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor.  The last scene of his when he is locked up and is meant to scare us and give us some clue to the next movie is played really badly; looking like he is going cuckoo.


Wonder Woman! But wheres Super Girl?

Gal Gadot as SuperGirl

In this movie they include Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot.  She has a lot of presence of the screen and when in the scenes with Bruce Wayne, it looks more like a Bond Girl scene from James Bond movie.  They have really tried to glam her up and sell her character, even when fighting Doomsday the make up is still top notch.  Was there a need for her in the movie though, I think it would have been better to have had SuperGirl instead as there is the connection to Superman and also a common enemy from Kryptonite.  But Wonder Woman saves Batman’s life so thats her hero characters entrance so it was quite a good especially as I thought it was Superman that saves him, a nice surprise.  She also manages to slow down and hold down Doomsday using her powers but we are not introduced to her powers, its just that we see her with the Captain America shield and super whip (or whatever it is).  if she is to be a part of the future movies then maybe a build up of her character would have been better.  I have heard though of the Wonder Woman spin off movies so maybe that’s the reason for her being in her, giving fans a teaser before the main course.


Doomsday – Is it the end of the world?

Doomsday Superman

Is it a pumpkin? No its Doomsday!

Doomsday, whoah where did he come from?

So Doomsday is general Zod or just a new creature that used ‘parts’ from Zods dead body?  What ever he is he surely is menacing, they really managed to make him look scary and tough.  If Lex had Doomsday in his arsenal then why did he need Superman to kill Batman?  Batman was no match for Doomsday anyway… So the reason must be that he knew that the creation process of Doomsday would take X amount of time and that Superman would come in the way when he notices the power being drawn to the ship.  So he creates a diversion to keep both super heroes happy.  It was planned out and it worked, it gave him just the right amount of time he needed to finish Doomsday.  I’m sure he really did not expect to see Batman’s head.

Batman v Doomsday

Batman v Doomsday

Watching Batman getting his ass kicked by Doomsday was funny, it shows how his lack of super powers limits him to dealing best with likes of human criminals like Joker and Riddler.  He is out of his depth with Doomsday, although funnily enough it was Batman that made the weapons that eventually kill Doomsday.  So you don’t have to be a super hero to defeat a powerful alien just need help from super heroes.

OMG is Superman Dead?

Batman v Supeman Review

Is Superman Dead?

So superman in his final fight with Doomsday gets stabbed right through while being weakened by the Kryptonite, so it could have killed him.  They show his funeral and his mother Martha and Loius Lane in tears, we see the body (but NOT the face) and the coffin.  So it seems really that is has been killed!  But we saw Superman sort of dead in space after being nuked, but he recovers and fights again.  We know Doomsday dies BUT he was stabbed right through with the Kryptonite spear and it stays in him so will eventually totally kill him.  Superman however does not get stabbed by Kryptonite but by Doomsday’s ‘horns’ and he know Superman can heal when not near Kryptonite.  So he would appear dead but in the coffin away from any Kryptonite his body will heal and he will bust out..  So no Superman is not dead.


What, I waited till after the credits and no teaser!?

Women of Themyscira

Were you also expecting a after credit teaser?  Well there wasn’t one but was there a need?  The movie already ends with Bruce Wayne telling Wonder Woman he needs to assemble a super hero team because he can just feel they will be needed to fight.  Lex Luther warns Batman that something out there in space knows Superman is down and heard the ‘call’ and they will be coming.  We also see Superman’s coffin at the end with some movement happening….So there are all the teasers you need for the next movie…A new more powerful evil is coming form outer space and these heroes alone will not be able to defeat so the Justice League will be formed to take it on..

Batman v Superman?

Batman & Superman

Batman & Superman

Is that it?  We see the slow build up of the enmity between the two heroes BUT seriously you would think it would take more than a few written mocking notes and stirring to turn Batman almost evil and turn to kill Superman?  These are the heroes that fight for justice and fight evil it must take more reasons to turn against each other right?  Superman is black mailed into killing Batman but even still he tries to persuade and talk to Batman…Does this show Superman is more moral and a better hero (Well Batman may see himself as a criminal due to operating out of the law and also more of a vigilante fighting for a cause).  The fight scene between Batman & Superman is good but really Batman stands no chance, even after using the Kryptonite gas he got beaten up.  He does manage however to knock out Superman and gets to the point where he could have killed him!  So he shows how powerful he is due to being prepared and using planning.  The fight scene though comes to an abrupt end when Superman mentions Martha…hey wait after all that fighting they kiss and make up in a few seconds at the mention of his mothers name?  Well Batman even Super powered heroes have mothers too!  So why the surprise and emotion?  Maybe Batman was just confused and been worked up, he wasn’t really thinking straight.  So the mention of Martha gave him a sort of wake up call, as he remembers his own mother and it connects to his good side, the anger wears off and he throws away the spear.  But being just one big fight scene and the rest just part of the ongoing build up storyline should it really have been called Batman v Superman, as the movie has these two heroes and in the end they have to come together to defeat the evil, would it not have been better to have called it “Batman & Superman”?


Would I watch it again?

There was ALOT of hype to this movie so it has to live upto alot of expectation.  The CGI and action scenes sort of make up for lack of clarity and flow in the opening scenes.  But the movie gets better as you go along.  Lots of people have gone to see it more than once on the big screen but they must be hardcore fans.  The BvS fight scene was what most people were looking forward to seeing and in this respect it did not let down.  There is more to see in the movie and understand and so watching it again would help but I think I can wait till it comes out on TV or Sky before I do.  I do look forward to the next movie more than I did this one, due to knowing (Im sure..) that it will have more super heroes and The Flash!  If this is just the Dawn of Justice then imagine how much action packed the Day of Justice will be..

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