X-Men Apocalypse Quick Review

X-Men Apocalypse Quick Review

X-Men Apocalypse Quick Review

Having watched X-men Apocalypse heres a quick review.  I may make a more detailed one later.

X-Men Apocalypse


I found the darker intro sequence showing the origin of the main villain En Sabah Nur and what happened to him really well made and sets the scene quite well.  We can see from thise scene(s) that he is really powerful but like all powered people does have weaknesses and is betrayed and eventually trapped under heavy stones for many many years until released later.

We see the Younger X-Men team again in this one.  We get to see many characters with special powers which makes this really fun to watch.  We see a young Storm for the first time aswell as others who are recruited by the villain who supercharges there powers.  We see more of what he can do and from this it would appear that he really is one of the most powerful mutants and would be very difficult to defeat.

One of the best sequences in this was again with Quicksilver as he saves every one (except one) from the X-Men academy when it is blown up.  If he wasnt there they would have all died probably.  The slow motion and humour and special effects make this really fun to watch.  I say ‘again’ as we have seen quick silver do something similar in a previous X-Men movie.  Again Wolverine makes an appearance briefly as he escapes his experimentation chamber.

There are several times it seems the X-Men team are done for but another super power and tactic saves them.

It did not take Magneto much convincing to join En Sabah Nur but we know he has an evil streak in him that stems from his bad childhood experiences and rage.  Together with him and his other recruits they seek to destroy everything created by man and rebuild from scratch, but any mutant that survived would be welcome to join them.  Kinda like creating a new ice age.

In the end its team work and loyalty that helps defeat En Sabah Nur aswell as needing Jean to manifest as the Phoenix for the first time seen in the younger X-Men series.  Charles was not strong enough to take down En Sabah Nur mentally but Jean helps out then a combo attack from Cyclops and storm help to kill him.

This movie had fantastic special effects, they get better in each new movie.  Its great to see more super powers and new characters.  Its good to see some more character development of the younger X-Men versions.  Its definitely a movie I would want to watch again a few more times.




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