No that still does NOT prove the Flat Earth Theory is true and here is why…

No that still does NOT prove the Flat Earth Theory is true and here is why…

Do you believe the Flat Earth Theory?

There are still dozens of new videos popping up on Youtube every week which are discussing or providing hypothetical reasons and proofs as to why the Earth is flat.  Here is one popular video by Eric Dubay that we just found with a simple search.

We live in the digital age, we have satellites in orbit, we have probes and robots walking on other planets sending us back pictures of the Earth from space and we can see without a shadow of a doubt that the Earth is spherical as stated by scholars and scientists hundreds of years ago.

Even early civilizations like the Sumerians represented Earth in their drawings as round objects:
Sumerians believed earth was round
Watch this great 20 minute video to find out more reasons against Flat Earth Theory:



Having watched these videos I would agree that we have significant proof that the Earth is NOT flat.  Hot air balloons have flown around the world.  What about the recent solar powered plane that flew around the world, Im sure I read on the news that it managed it.  Have you guys ever been on a plane really high and looked out to see the horizon below, you CAN sometimes see small curvature but you got to be high to see it as the Earth is HUGE!

So I agree that the Earth not possibly be flat but correct me if im wrong, lol!

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