Make money by buying genuine Ad clicks

Make money by buying genuine Ad clicks

New service just launched!

Make Money From Ad Clicks

Do you need clicks on your ads? Do you want to make money?

Buy this hourly and you will get:
400 to 600 Banner Impressions in 24 hours
Over 25 genuine clicks from users worldwide
All clicks will come from mobile Android devices
All users are genuine tech savvy people
Any age range and gender
Your ad will run from 12AM UK TIme for 24 hours.
No bots or auto click sofware used.

Whats this good for:
Promoting services to mobile users
Promoting and getting downloads to your apps / games from genuine interested users.
Making money from affiliate offers
Creating brand exposure to a specific niche of users.
Please do not buy this for any adult or offensive offers. All ads must be suitable for people aged 13 years and over. We also do not accept any casino, betting, forex, trading and links to pirate sites. If in doubt contact us first.

People who like technology, mobiles, app and games.
Android device users.


The actual number of impressions and clicks are totally out of our control and will heavily depend on the quality and appeal of your banner (so we advise you invest in a professional to deliver a killer ad) and also the offer you are promoting. We do however gaurantee a minimum of 15 clicks to your ad or we will issue a full refund.

We will not refund if you are unhappy with conversions or where user clicks are from.

We do NOT GEO target user clicks.

You can use a tracking link to verify clicks and see they are genuine.

Operated on a first come first served basis. Please contact us to arrange a free slot for your ads BEFORE ordering!


Click HERE to order securely today!

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