Flash Season 2 Episode 23 Timeline

Flash Season 2 Episode 23 Timeline

Should The Flash have changed the timeline by saving his mother?

flash episode 23

[Contains Spoilers]

As season 2 approaches the end we see Barry go through alot of events that affect him personally and give his character new insight.

But with Zoom killing Barry’s father he has lost both parents now and in shock.  Team Flash and friends can see he is not thinking straight as he is angry aswell.

So in Season 2 finale when we see The Flash going back in time again to save his mother we are left asking has he gine too far and broken his own philosophy about not changing fixed events in time.  We already see one Flash disappear due to the changed made but what other catastrophic changes will it cause?  It seems Barry is just angered and driven to do what he has alway wanted with disregard to what others would want.

It is one hell of a cliff hangar as we know it is going to cause big changes in the future.

So should Barry have saved his mother from Reverse Flash?

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