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Theres No Superman Always Fear

This is a discussion about whether its good to have all these superhero icons in our lives, in our childrens life. For decades alot of people have grown up with their favourite superhero cartoons, comics or tv shows. Thundercats, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Avengers and Green Lantern but how does … Read more


Vision, Heroes Reborn Iron Man, Guardian, Crossbones, The Human Torch from the BAF Ares wave Posted by willdleeesq on 2008-07-29 20:55:50 Tagged: , Comic-Con , action figures , toys , Hasbro , Marvel , Marvel Comics , Iron Man , Marvel Legends , SDCC , SDCC2008 , San Diego Comic-Con … Read more

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes cast wallpaper

Hope this isn’t too spoilerific… Posted by TooMuchDew on 2013-10-24 03:18:27 Tagged: , LEGO , LEGO Marvel Super Heroes , Marvel , Marvel Comics , TT Games , Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment , video game , Spider-Man , Green Goblin , Mystique , Thing , Doctor Doom , Iron Man … Read more