SpiderMan Appearance In Captain America Civil War

SpiderMan Appearance In Captain America Civil War

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Quite a way into the movie we see Iron Man a bit stuck and looking for help.  He decides to visit a young Peter Parker living with his aunt.  The scene is light hearted and has some humour.  Iron Man knows Peter is SpiderMan and tries to talk him into helping the Avengers.  Ultimately it takes a bit of blackmailing to do so and Spiderman heads off to help Team Iron Man against Captain America.

But the thing that disappointed me was that again they have changed the actor who plays him, they have gone for a more geeky, younger and naive spiderman who is just getting into his role.
He has several action sequences which are well put together with a bit of humour, but we are used to a more serious darker spiderman character which we don’t see here.

Check out the awesome trailer with clips of SpiderMan:

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