Cool Gadgets and Software’s for the Modern Writer

Cool Gadgets and Software’s for the Modern Writer

Whether you are a novelist, a freelance writer, or a content marketer, chances are writing plays a big role in your daily lifestyle. And while writing can feel like a pretty straightforward and independent process, there are some modern writer tools out there that make the writing process simple and even a bit fun. Perhaps you want to built a site and spearhead a blog. Or maybe you are looking for a best gift for your writer family member or friend. Whatever the case, today’s tech can help every writer get their aim. With that in mind, here are some cool gadgets and software for the modern writer.

cool gadgets for the modern writer

Rocketbook Erasable

Rocketbook is a sleek notebook that permits you to erase your pen-written content, and use this notebook forever. As you might guess, there are not just any general pages. The Rocketbook paper is made of a unique material that took several years to develop. Using an erasable pen, you can write it in like you would any general notebook. Anyway, if you have used up all your pages or just want to begin over, a moist cloth will erase pages within seconds. The Rocketbook also has a complementary application that permits you to scan and upload your notebooks pages to the cloud before you perform any official erasing.

Echo Smart Pen

The Echo Smart Pen from LiveScribe is a smart pen with a true-time writing and synching abilities. It uses handwriting recognition technology to change your penmanship into digital words. You will also be capable to view your work in true time on your mobile gadget. The offline storage permits you to keep eight-hundred pages of writing, and the battery will last for up to 8 continuous hours. Additionally, the application can also translate your writing into forty different languages.

cool gadgets for the modern writer


Grammarly products perform more than identify spelling and grammar errors, they also provide detail writing enhancements focused on tone, consciences, and clarity. You can install Grammarly as an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers for free, or check longer pieces of writing in Grammarly internet editor. A paid service, a grammarly premium, provides deeper writing feedback, detects plagiarism, and provides style and vocabulary enhancements.


Evernote is a program that sync digital items across all gadgets. For example, suppose you are at the office and you want to consult a site that you viewed on your computer last night at night. Or you are the gym and you want to access an email or a photograph, but all you have is your smartphone. You can set up Evernote to check certain folders on your computers. Anything that you include to the folder is accessible from all your tech gadgets. You can even search your notes if you do not remember where you kept something.

Why not download the free version and give it a try – I love it!

Scrivener software

Scrivener is a word processing program designed mainly for writers. It works well for those doing long works such as novels or research papers. There are many views, so you can view your works the way that works top for you. Planners will love the corkboard and index card outlining spec, “pantsers” will love the capability to use the snapshot spec to keep track of many versions. One of the specs all writers will love is the Research folder. Scrivener permits writers to capture research, notes, files, webpages, video, all in one research folder. No more looking for notes you made on a napkin. Use the collection tool to send detail directly from the online world to your Scrivener research folder. All your notes will be waiting for when you begin your next writing session.

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