Flash Figures Out The Identity of speedster Savitar

Flash Figures Out The Identity of speedster Savitar

The Flash Season 3 Episode 20

“I know Who You Are”

Barry finally figures out who Savitar really is!

[Spoiler Warning]

The Flash Season 3 Episode 20
Were you ready for the biggest and probably most shocking reveal of The Flash ever!?
Well in season 3 of The Flash we are presented with a new super speedster, who is faster than Zoom, Reverse Flash and beat the crap out of both Flash and Kid Flash.
Always one step ahead and set to kill Iris West, the love of Barry Allen, Savitar was the biggest foe he has faced to date.
Flash and his team had tried many ways to outwit and defeat Savitar to save Iris but to no avail.
Suddenly it came to Barry like a flashback. All the clues were there he just had to piece them together.
So the confrontation we were waiting for happens. And Barry discovers why he could not outwit Savitar and it is because of who Savitar is. So the speedster protective suit of Savitar comes off and low and behold, the big shocking reveal….

Savitar is…

Barry Allen / The Future Flash

The Flash Season 3 Episode
Obviously he must be from a future not visited by present day Flash.  Actually i am not sure if Savitar is actually a result of Flashpoint as he was no where in season 1 and 2 and we dont see references to these previous seasons by Savitar.  Can you defeat someone who knows your every move?  Maybe whatever Flash does do actually ends up creating Savitar anyway.  So is Barrys destiny to become Savitar and inevitable?  Leave your comments below.

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