Top 10 Healthy Snacks and Food App – Dates

Top 10 Healthy Snacks and Food App – Dates

Learn about super healthy Dates!


Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree, which is grown in many tropical regions of the world. Dates have become quite popular in recent years but have been consumed for their healing powers for thousands of years.

They are traditionally used during the month of ramadhan by muslims around the world to break their fasts.

Top Ten Healthy  Snack And Food Android App

There are over 20 different varieties and it is said that some have more health benefits than others. In particular the Ajwah dates that originate form Madinah are said to both protect you and benefit your wellbieng. Some are dry and hard others are soft and juicy.

Health Benefits:

Boosts your Brain Health
Vitamin B6 levels improve brain performance and antioxidants are said to reduce brain inflammation which protects from certain diseases like Alzheimer’s

Reduced Stroke Risk
Mainly from Magnesium levels.

Mainly from Magnesium levels but also antioxidants.

Improves Digestive Health and Relieves Constipation
Mainly from insoluble and soluble fiber levels. You find a good amount of fibre in dates especially if you eaat more than one a day. Fibre in general helps your digestive systems and is also known to reduce risks of colitis, cancer and haemorrhoids.

Prevention of Osteoporosis
Due to Selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

Dates have very little fat and no cholesterols. They contain natural sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose.

Active Constituents (per 100g):

Energy: 277 Kcal
Sugars: 67 grams
Calories: 277
Carbs: 75 grams
Fiber: 7 grams
Protein: 2 grams
Potassium: 20% of the RDI
Magnesium: 14% of the RDI
Copper: 18% of the RDI
Manganese: 15% of the RDI
Iron: 5% of the RDI
Vitamin B6: 12% of the RDI

Best Way To Eat:

Dates are sweet and can be eaten just as they are remembering to remove and not eat the stone in the middle. You can also chop them up and use them as toppings on your porridge / cereals or include them in your favourite cakes / biscuit recipes! Eat dates with cucumber to help with maintaining weight.

Top Ten Healthy  Snack And Food Android App

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Top Ten Healthy  Snack And Food Android App

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The information provided here and in the app is based on my own online and offline research, this includes scientific research sites, nutrition sites, authentic hadith and religious articles. The information is provided on an as-is basis and we are not responsible in any way if information is later deemed to be inaccurate or incomplete.

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