Car broken! But can you fix it yourself?

Car broken! But can you fix it yourself?

Has your car broken down?

broken down car

We know cars can be problematic.  This breaks you fix it then that breaks.  Then the tyres go bold.

But most of us especially due to not having time off work have no option but to go to a garage who can then charge you loads for 30 mins work or so.  But can you wait till the weekend and maybe try and fix yourself?

I suppose its a matter of time and resources too.  Some things are easy to fix when you know how, other things take fair bit of work and technical skill.  Some people can not even change a tyre.

But having access to the internet for information and to buy any part it means more and more people are turning to fixing their cars themselves.  You got a garage at home turn it into a car garage and build your tool collection.  It can help save you hundreds of pounds especially if you have an older car.

If you really have not got time and want an urgent repair, it will not take too much effort to shop around.  You will be surprised at the difference in quotes you get, also why not buy the part yourself and just pay for labour.  If you can wait a few days buy online and you can save £££’s or check out s scrapyard or breakers for used parts.

What else help is breakdown cover as sometimes if its a easily fixable problem the breakdown service mechanic might be able to fix the problem for free and save you going to garage or paying.  For example some covers include free battery replacement or replace flat tyre.

Hopefully this will help you next time your car breaks down.

Check out this list of 10 common problems people can fix themselves:


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